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  1. Robber Sews Mouth Shut To Avoid Court
  2. Man Nearly Decapitated By Elevator
  3. Got $250,000?...Ed Gein's Property For Sale
  4. Christians Sue For The Right To Be Intolerant
  5. Cdn man wanted in slayings of two sex offenders fatally shoots self
  6. Bubonic Plague In California
  7. Man Shoots 12 Nails Into His Head...Complains Of Headache
  8. If Man Comes To Your Door Offering Free Breast Exams...Tell Him NO...
  9. Son Plays Too Many Video Games; Dad Shoots At Computer, Gets Attempted Murder Charge
  10. 74 Year-Old Woman Chokes Home Intruder
  11. 71 Year-Old Man Charged For Hammer Assault, In Fight Over Beer
  12. Do NOT Drive Around With Your Mother's Corpse In The Car
  13. Boater Finds Human Head Floating In The Water
  14. Meat Cleaver Attack
  15. 56 Year-Old Woman In Wheelchair Takes On Police With Hammer And Knives
  16. 12 Year-Old With 'Bad Temper' Kills Mom And Brother
  17. 90 Year-Old Baby Mummy Is 'Family Heirloom'
  18. Priest Kills Pregnant Lover And Hacks Up Body, After Easter Mass
  19. Body Mutilated At Funeral Home...Family Searches For Mom's Head
  20. Body Parts All Over The Highway...Some Remain Hidden
  21. Preacher Says God Told Him To Kill His Wife And Children
  22. Crocodile Steals Chainsaw
  23. Vatican Pissed Off About Da Vinci Code
  24. Exorcism To Be Performed At Haunted Shipyard
  25. Pot, Cocaine And Heroin Now Legal (For Personal Use) In Mexico
  26. Asian Teenager Commits Suicide Because Of His Penis Size
  27. Woman Killed At Husband's Grave
  28. Girl Slowly Poisons Mother, Keeps Updated Blog About It, Calls It An 'Experiment'
  29. Piece Of Finger Found On Burger At TGI Friday's
  30. Another Fight Over Beer...THIS One Ends With A Stabbing Death...
  31. 33 Year-Old Man Marries 104 Year-Old Woman
  32. 62 Year-Old Granny Gets Billed Over $1,000 For Porn And Gangsta Rap
  33. Man Found Glued To Wal-Mart Toilet
  34. Woman Beheads Husband, Chops Up Corpse
  35. Family Kicked Out Of Buffet For Wasting Food
  36. Police Kill 14 Year-Old Boy For Being Gay
  37. 16 Year-Old Ordered To Publicly Stab Father's Killer To Death
  38. Umm...You Probably Shouldn't Wash Your Dog In A Washing Machine...
  39. 2 Middle School Girls Try To Kill Classmates They 'Didn't Like'
  40. Patient Sets Himself On Fire In The Hospital
  41. Fast Food Employee Throws Boiling Oil At Customer
  42. Workers Drink Entire Barrel Of Rum With "Special Taste", Then Find Dead Man Inside
  43. Scientologists Have 'Super Powers' And They Are Getting Ready To Reveal Them
  44. Guy Paints With His Penis
  45. The UK Says, "Aliens Definitely Do NOT Exist"...So...Stop Worrying
  46. Swordfight In Wal-Mart Parking Lot
  47. Gun-Toting 3 Year-Old Kills Houseguest
  48. Hospitalized Girlfriend Says She, "Feared For Her Life" When Beaten With Dildo
  49. Poor Loser Can't Get A Break; Ordered To Pay For Damage Caused By His Suicide Attempt
  50. Bronx Butcher Proud Of How He Carved Up His Boss With Precision
  51. Bizarre Infection Spreading In Texas...Black 'Fiber-Like' Stuff Oozes From Pores
  52. Man Commits Murder-Suicide In Front Of Diners In Restaurant
  53. But...Supermodels Don't NEED Brains...Right?
  54. Pissed-Off Wife Literally Rips Off Husband's Balls With Her Bare Hands
  55. Couple Arrested For Asking For Directions
  56. Super Columbine Massacre RPG, New Game Based On The Columbine High School Slayings
  57. Rabid Bat Attacks Boy In Payless Shoe Store
  58. Husband Decides It's Time To Tell Wife His Secret...Aliens Keep Abducting Him
  59. High School Bans Bottled Ketchup
  60. Elevator Chops Off Man's Legs
  61. Man Dressed As Freddy Krueger Character Stabs Homeless Man
  62. May Is 'Masturbation Month'...Are YOU Celebrating?
  63. Utah Campground Closed Because Of Bubonic Plague
  64. Scientists Can Now Grow Penises In A Lab
  65. It Took 3 Hours To Chop The Woman Up And 6 Hours To Sew Her Back Together
  66. Corpse Takes Flight...Woman Died On Plane, No One Noticed
  67. Did He Cheat Or Not?...Either Way, The Book Deal Is OFF
  68. Pulling A Burning Stick Of Dynamite Out Of A Bonfire....Bad Idea
  69. Man Kills His Brother...Police Catch Him With Severed Head And Hands In His Jeep
  70. Oh...NOW We Know Why All The Senior Citizens Move To Florida...Ewww
  71. Cop dose worst crime ever
  72. Mistaken ID Stuns Crash Victims' Families
  73. High-profile protestors absent from Marine's funeral
  74. killed execution style
  75. Dead inside balloon, not outside balloon!
  76. Knock Knock
  77. Taco Bell Employee Gets 6-Month Jail Sentence For Spitting In Drink
  78. 13 Year-Old Girl Gets 12-Year Sentence For Trying To Kill Classmates
  79. 2 Goat Heads + 1 Coconut + 1 Pentagram = Witchcraft?...They Just Don't Know
  80. Giant Rodents Attacking Old People
  81. Grandparents Hire Hitman To Kill Grandchildren
  82. CDC Investigating 'Morgellons Disease'
  83. Man Who Put Dead Mouse In Taco Bell Burrito Gets Prison Sentence
  84. Death By ATM
  85. Criminology Class Accidentally Stumbles Across REAL Dead Body
  86. Burger King Customer Finds Live Frog In Salad
  87. Fatal Crash Caused By Donkey Refusing To Go To Veterinarian
  88. Oops...Parents Left Birthday Boy (6) At Chuck E. Cheese...Realized It The Next Day
  89. No...No...NO!...Australia Does NOT Want Hookers Near Their Dead People
  90. Man Almost Dies Stealing Pop-Tarts
  91. 'Ghost Ship' Washes Ashore Full Of Corpses
  92. Richard Ramirez (Night Stalker) Appeals Death Penalty...Claims "Faulty Defense"
  93. If Only He Hadn't Stopped To Pee, He'd Still Be Alive
  94. Damn...Those Church People Are Fucking MEAN!
  95. Dissatisfied Pet Owner Assaults Breeder With Dead Puppy
  96. cassandras site
  97. On going prison crime thread...
  98. Severed head flies from truck in 'bizarre and tragic' collision
  99. Creepy Story
  100. Man dies after being beaten at party
  101. 19 year old woman on bicycle hit by bus
  102. Cops find Skeleton in a House. Weird.
  103. Local officer accused of terrorizing man
  104. Robber Sues His Victims For Beating Him Up
  105. Woman Tries To Hide Dead Baby In Pants Of Corpse
  106. Man Murders Woman With Sausage
  107. Bicyclist Injured By Crashing Into Corpse
  108. Deathmobile...Mobile Execution Chamber
  109. Guns N' Roses Song Helped Man Kill His Wife
  110. Wife Says " Dogs Were Eating Him Alive"
  111. Man Surprises Co-Worker With Poisonous Tarantula Before Quitting His Job
  112. Two hurt in carnival ride accident in Hinckley
  113. Pentagon Says Homos Are Retards
  114. Movie Scene TOO Real - Cops Swarm Set During Hostage Scene
  115. Whiny Serial Killer Threatens To Commit Suicide If They Don't Give Him Back His TV
  116. Evil Spirits Caused Nut To Kill Policeman...He'll Plead Insanity, Of Course...
  117. Idiot Calls Police To Demand Refund From Prostitute Who Failed To Perform
  118. Man Awarded $400,000 For Faulty Implant That Caused 10-Year Erection
  119. Son Attempts To Murder Mother Who Killed Father
  120. Another 'Real-Life' Willard
  121. Accidental Death By Suicide
  122. United States Military Casket Found In Desert Containing Only Hair And Fluid
  123. LMAO...Police Warn, "Watch Out For Juggalos!"
  124. Prisoner Gets Lightbulb Stuck In Anus
  125. Pissing Led To Murder
  126. Teenager Tells Truth After 3 Years...His Friends' Prank Killed School Bus Driver
  127. Stalker Hid Under Woman's Bed For Two Days
  128. Malaysia Trying To Ban Suicide Scenes From Films For Fear That They May Be Re-enacted
  129. Kitten Survives Trip Through Wood Chipper
  130. Wife's Arm Mysteriously Missing, Husband Arrested
  131. Someone's Setting People On Fire In Cincinnati
  132. 'Survivor' Winner Shoots Puppy With Arrow, Beats Wife
  133. Boy's Corpse Removed From Sealed Vault And Stolen From Cemetery
  134. Skull Found In Trash
  135. Woman's Ex Sends Severed Finger In The Mail
  136. Trucker Keeps Driving With Mother's Dead Body In His Truck
  137. Teacher Who Mutilated And Ate Teenager Wants To Be Freed
  138. Cracker Barrel 'Mouse-In-Soup' Scam Gets Woman $2,500 Fine And 1 Year In Jail
  139. Dead Piece Of Man's Skull Falls Off, New Skull Bone Growing Underneath
  140. Doctors Remove 119 Nails From Woman's Stomach
  141. Woman's Body Found In Storage Unit
  142. Grandmother Who Skinned, Carved Up And Cooked Lover Wants Mercy Because She's A Woman
  143. Skeleton Found In Bed; 80 Year-Old Woman Tells Police 'Mother Is Sleeping'
  144. Teenager Sawed Off Head To Use Skull For Bong
  145. Policeman Sentenced 12 Years For Partially Decapitating Wife
  146. New York Subway Riders Attacked With Power Saw
  147. 'Cackling' Cannibal Attacks Couple And Cops, Bites Off And Eats Thumb And Flesh
  148. Violinist Commits Suicide By Attempting To Decapitate Himself With Circular Saw
  149. Inmate Dies After Eating Tobacco
  150. Suicide Attempt Injures 11 People
  151. Dog Eats Old Woman, Investigators Say "It Was Just Being Sociable"
  152. Bird Acts Like It Doesn't Even Know It Has An Arrow Through Its Chest
  153. Canada Wal-Mart Receives Bomb Threat; EMPLOYEES Told To Look For The Bomb
  154. Public's Fear Of Clowns Screws Up British Rock Festival
  155. Man Throws Knife At Judge In Court
  156. Caustic Martinis Cause Customers To Spit Up Blood And Suffer Mouth And Tongue Burns
  157. Teenager Gets 45 Years For Dismembering Classmate
  158. Kids and adults saw 15 animals got killed in a barnyard fire
  159. Dog Blamed for Hitting Woman With Truck
  160. Football Game Turns Ugly; Players Start Shooting
  161. Road Rage...With Guns
  162. Laughing, Smiling Murderer Removed From Courtroom
  163. Police Hunting 2 Serial Killers In Arizona
  164. Gymnastics Coach Jabs Gymnasts With Sharp Screws If They Screw Up
  165. Car Wash Attacks Woman
  166. Hot Tub Attacks Teenager
  167. Meth Vegas
  168. Either my whole town is crazy...
  169. 10-year-old Blaine girl scalded to death
  170. 'Wankathon' Masturbation Marathon To Be Televised
  171. Teenaged Girls Forced To Commit Suicide For 'Dishonoring' Their Families
  172. Python Swallows Electric Blanket
  173. Man Urinates On Food At Gas Station
  174. Treatment For Online Gaming Addiction
  175. Capitol Hill Mass Murderer Sentenced
  176. Blind Man Holding Handgun And Fried Chicken Accidentally Kills Wife
  177. Man Assaults Wife With Carrot, Blinds Her
  178. Man Keeps Mom's Corpse In Freezer For 6 Years
  179. Teenager Has Hand Reattached After Machete Attack At Party
  180. Chef Assaults Fellow Chef For Cold Appetizers
  181. Man Assaults Elderly Woman Over Parking Space, Breaks Her Nose And Ribs
  182. City Warns, "Do NOT Feed The Homeless"...It Only Causes Them To Hang Around
  183. Hospital Misplaces Wife's Corpse; Cleaning Lady Helps Husband Find It In Storage Area
  184. Jury Convicts Man of Killing to Go to Prom Events
  185. Sister dies lighting candles at shrine
  186. Details About Young Womans' Death Revealed
  187. I'm Not Filming Up Skirts, I'm Spying On Al-Qaeda
  188. 'Zombies' arrested in downtown Minneapolis
  189. Suspects flee pool crash in underwear
  190. Birthday Surprise
  191. For your amusement
  192. Artwork Causes Deaths And Injuries...'Accident' Considered Suspicious
  193. I Didn't Know It Was POSSIBLE To Swallow A Cell Phone!
  194. Americans Are Getting Too Fat For X-Rays
  195. Crowd And Police Play Tug-O-War With Dying Man's Body
  196. Severed Horse Head Found In Woman's Pool
  197. Suicidal Stripper Goes To Court For Possessing Parts Of Human Corpses
  198. "Thanks For The Ride Lady"..Woman Hits Pedestrian, Carries Her 2 Miles On Roof Of Car
  199. Grocery Store Employee Goes On Rampage...Stabs 8 Co-Workers In Store
  200. Teenager Crushed To Death In Bakery's Bread Maker
  201. Women wake up to naked intruder
  202. Don't Let Your Babies Swallow Magnets...Duh
  203. Killer Boasts About All Of The Different, Creative Ways He Killed 49 People
  204. 'Competing' serial killers terrify Phoenix
  205. Driver dies after shot in groin
  206. Nothing special
  207. Raining Dead Pigeons In New York...Well, It's Better Than Cats And Dogs, Right?
  208. Is This Vehicular Homicide Or Suicide?...Woman Runs Over Herself
  209. Elderly Woman's House Is Such A Disgusting Mess, She Just Lives In Her Car For Years
  210. Woman Dies During Liposuction at Home
  211. Eyeful of breast-feeding mom sparks outrage
  212. violent teen fight clubs face police crackdown
  213. Woman Allegedly Beat Mother With Plumbing Wrench
  214. Man Shots Boy in Road-Rage Killing
  215. Texas School District Bans Cleavage
  216. Woman's 10-Year-Old Plate Now Called Obscene
  217. Oh, The Irony...Pantsless DUI Instructor, Gets DUI
  218. It's Just Like 'Arsenic And Old Lace'...Except For The 'Running Over People' Thing
  219. McDonalds Robber Bites Into 220-Volt Electrical Cord To 'Kill Anyone Who Touches Him'
  220. Man Sets Girlfriend On Fire
  221. Man Kills 6 Over XBox
  222. Passengers Were Sucked Out Of Plane
  223. The Actress And The Serial Killer
  224. Need Money Fast? Just Sell Your Arms And Legs
  225. 16 Year-Old Girl Tries To Poison Family
  226. Dozens of prisoners back in jail within hours
  227. Woman that ordered pizza found driver dead
  228. Teacher says he molested more than 100 students
  229. This man knows how to have a good time
  230. Sexual lyrics prompt teens to have sex
  231. Five animals euthanized after girl, 9, is bitten
  232. Teenager 'gang raped in public toilets'
  233. Night Stalker' death sentence upheld
  234. Man in jail for not having car insurance beaten to death in Sherburne County
  235. Victims fight back with sword in robbery
  236. Man Sledgehammers Grenade, Dies in Blast
  237. New Zealand OKs topless porn star parade
  238. Libyan HIV outbreak in children was deliberate
  239. Five die trying to save pigeon
  240. Man buys truck, finds dead baby inside
  241. Myspace not all bad
  242. Mother gives daughter to boyfriend for sex
  243. Newborn Suffocates Between Sleeping Parents
  244. Mom Strangled; Baby Hanged With Noose
  245. Mums Amry
  246. Rape suspect requests trial delay, so he can marry alleged victim
  247. High school suspends worker in sex ring case
  248. Ice Cream Man Shot To Death In Chicago
  249. Filmed child rape couple jailed
  250. Man released vicious dogs to ‘cause some excitement’