Hide and Seek Exclusive Coverage

Hide and Seek Exclusive Coverage
Cast interviews, premiere video, pictures, a review, and more from the world premiere of "Hide and Seek".
Updated: 01-29-2005

"Hide and Seek", Robert De Niro's latest foray into the world of horror, opens in U.S. theaters this Friday. But De Niro is just one part of this picture. "Hide and Seek" also stars young Dakota Fanning ("Man on Fire", the upcoming "War of the Worlds"), Famke Janssen ("The Faculty", "X-Men"), and Elisabeth Shue ("Hollow Man", "Leaving Las Vegas", and don't forget "The Karate Kid").

Directed by Aussie John Polson ("Swimfan"), "Hide and Seek" revolves around a family who moves away from the big city after being rocked by the mother's suicide. When the young daughter meets a new friend who likes to play "Hide and Seek", the mysteries begin to pile up. Who is this friend? Is he dangerous? Why has his appearance seemed to cause an unpleasant change in the daughter's personality? Does he even exist?

Acting in a scary movie can present its own set of challenges for anyone, but in the case of "Hide and Seek" the young female star isn't even old enough to watch R rated movies on her own. What did she think of working on the film? Does she like horror movies? What does the rest of the cast think of the horror genre, and this film specifically? Click the links below to check out Horror's exclusive "Hide and Seek" video coverage and you just might find out.

"Hide and Seek" Premiere:
Hide and Seek Premiere
Click The Image Above To View The "Hide and Seek" Red Carpet Premiere.

"Hide and Seek" Interviews:
Hide and Seek Interviews
Click The Image Above To View The "Hide and Seek" Interviews.

"Hide and Seek" 60 Second Review:
Hide and Seek 60 Second Review
Click The Image Above To View The "Hide and Seek" 60 Second Review.

Click here to see exclusive pics of the "Hide and Seek" premiere, featuring images of Dakota Fanning, Famke Janssen, Elisabeth Shue, John Polson, and many others!

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