Halloween Countdown of 2012's Top Ten Horror Films

Halloween Countdown of 2012's Top Ten Horror Films
Updated: 10-31-2012
It's that trick-or-treat time of the year again, when even the pedestrians are thinking about horror movies. Pretty much anything scary will do, for those not in the know… but what about we connoisseurs of chills? From the cool and popular, to the misfits and unknowns, right down to the unreleased, here's a count of my faves of the year — so far. (Click the links to read the full reviews.)
Not really "horror" but genre enough, and worthy of honorable mention:
Prometheus, Killer Joe, Seven Psychopaths, Chronicle, Dredd 3D, The Avengers, The Paperboy, Looper, and Men in Black 3D.
And, just for good measure and a touch of spite… my least-lauded of 2012.
I did not care for… Mr. Hush, The Devil Inside, The Cabin in the Woods, Red Lights, The Tall Man, Excision, The Wicker Tree, The Divide, Solomon Kane, Kill List, Metal Shifters, Lovely Molly, The Apparition, or Intruders.
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Staci Layne Wilson
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