"Dead Like Me" Season 2 Launch Party

"Dead Like Me" Season 2 Launch Party
Ellen Muth, Mandy Patinkin, and all of the other reapers talk about DLM season 2!
Updated: 07-26-2004

Once again, Horror.com's Staci Wilson got invited to a cool LA premiere party. This time, though, it wasn't for a new horror movie, it was for the brand new season of Showtime's dark comedy/drama/undead series "Dead Like Me." The new season is dawning and all of the undead stars made it out to the party. Click below to see and hear what Staci saw and heard:

Dead Like Me - Season 2
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See all of the DLM stars in high resolution in the Horror.com "Dead Like Me 2.0" picture gallery.

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I want to see this video but it won't run. Can i get an alternative url?
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