Exclusive "Taking Lives" Premiere Coverage

Exclusive "Taking Lives" Premiere Coverage
Horror.com takes you inside the world premiere of the new movie, "Taking Lives."
Updated: 03-19-2004

"Taking Lives", the new thriller starring Angelina Jolie and Ethan Hawke is in theaters. Before the official opening, though, Horror.com's Staci Wilson had a chance to attend the world premiere and talk to the stars. Here's Staci...

Taking Lives Premiere
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05-27-2004 by T.J.MORGAN discuss
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05-27-2004 by johnnyno1 discuss
angelina jolie rocks i should know
05-27-2004 by mes discuss
the movie was ok but she was amazing.
03-30-2004 by eternalbliss discuss
i love angelina!!! she is godness
03-28-2004 by ValekGR discuss