Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me 20th Anniversary Art Exhibit

Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me 20th Anniversary Art Exhibit
Opening night of the David Lynch inspired gallery gala in Santa Monica, CA
Updated: 04-23-2012
Text and Photos by Staci Layne Wilson
I guess it's fair to say I'm a fringe fan of the 90s cult classic television series Twin Peaks. I don't take my coffee "black as midnight on a moonless night," and I prefer pumpkin pie to cherry. I'm not a backwards-talking, log-carrying, Diane-loving, cross-dressing, one-armed, walking and talking encyclopedia of lodge lore. But I dig the vibe. I love the juxtaposition of detection and dreams, of horror and black comedy.
I watched the show back in the day, caught the feature prequel Fire Walk With Me, and I count being able to interview both David Lynch (head honcho) and Kyle MacLachlan (star) on the same day as one of my best. So when I heard about the special anniversary group art exhibit beginning yesterday and running through May 12, I had to see it asap.
A myriad artwork — from mini models, to oils, to sculpture, to video, etc. — feature some of the most iconic imagery from the sordid, surreal storylines. Imagery is literal, and as imagined by the artists. Beauties (Laura Palmer, Lil the Dancer, Audrey) and beasts (Bob, the horned owl, deadly daddy) occupy three chambers in the Santa Monica, CA., gallery that used to be a train station (apropos, as Laura Palmer was murdered in an abandoned train car).
Last night, the car was packed from stem to stern as music played and donuts and hot coffee were served. Crowds and scorching beverage didn't seem the smartest mix to me, but last I saw, flesh and paint remained unstained. The tunes, including a blend of old school blues and unreleased music from Twin Peaks, were spun by DJ Dean Hurley, David Lynch's engineer and musical collaborator on his Crazy Clown Time album. Right about the time the complimentary food and drink ran out, some of the cast stepped in (including Laura herself, Sheryl Lee…!). The launch concluded at midnight — a practically moonless one, at that — and it was an obvious success, with many art fans satisfied and pieces sold.
As artist Andy Kehoe said, "I love the overall mood and mystery of [the Twin Peaks world]. It's got an unnerving and eerie beauty to it that works on many levels."
The exhibition, curated by Rob Wilson and David Lynch, is at Copro Gallery in Bergamot Station, from April 21 to May 12. If you can't be there in person, the gallery's official website has the next best thing: A virtual tour.
Here're pics I got with my iPhone; I left out some of the more gruesome ones, in hopes their omission will entice the local ghouls out!
Before you go... what's YOUR favorite Twin Peaks moment? (Let us know, in the comments section, below)
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Yes, absolutely! Did you go back and see it again? I am going to, before it's gone. It was so crowded on opening night. Surprised I got as good pics as I did.
05-04-2012 by stacilayne discuss
favorite scenes
The revelation of Laura's killer is the scariest, most powerful scene in this series or any other. For humor, I love the scene where Dale throws the rocks at the bottles to find out what "J" stood for
04-23-2012 by joycepick discuss