Eyegore Awards Red Carpet Interviews

Eyegore Awards Red Carpet Interviews
Interviews with Rob Zombie, Tobin Bell, Bill Moseley, Rick Baker & more!
Updated: 10-09-2009

Welcome to Universal Studios Hollywood Halloween Horror Nights! This ever-more popular maze and funhouse theme park attraction features a kick-off night with its Eyegore Awards, honoring the creme-de-la-creepy in the years' genre films. Please click here for our written report on the rides, and exclusive photo gallery.


Strolling the red carpet in 2009 are: Eyegore Awards host and emcee Corey Feldman, the stars and scribes from Saw VI (Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan, Tobin Bell, and Tanedra Howard), honorees Rick Baker and Rob Zombie, plus the whole gang from Tim Sullivan's upcoming sequel to 2001 Maniacs, The Beverly Hellbillies.




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