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  1. New horror series, danish or english?
  2. Amicus Horror?
  3. 24/7 movie site + forum movie night
  4. The Wicker Tree
  5. Any Jess Franco experts out there?
  6. Regarding the ranch in "All The Boys Love Mandy Lane..."
  7. Atm
  8. Breaking wind>>>vampires suck
  9. Best version of Dawn of the Dead?
  10. Horror movies that need to be released on BD
  11. Horror fans are still the most passionate!
  12. global horror movies of 2012
  13. The Chucky Conspiracy
  14. Dead End
  15. Danielle Harris' Among Friends Leaked Clip
  16. So... I'm kinda behind.
  17. Piranha 3DD
  18. Men In Black III
  19. hi guys i have a question ....
  20. Horror Comedies
  21. Movie Suggestions!
  22. Who are they?
  23. horror movies
  24. Psychologicl Horror/Thrillers
  25. Underworld Awakening.
  26. Most Terrifying/Horrifying movies you've ever seen
  27. Death by Kissing or Tongue Choke Horror Scenes
  28. If you had to make a witty horror film one liner,what would you say ?
  29. Death Warmed Over (1984)
  30. Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter -- AWESOME
  31. You guys remember "The Land Before Time"?
  32. What's REALLY scary...
  33. Survival Horror films?
  34. Masks Masks MASKS!!
  35. 1980s cheesy horror film the hearse
  36. what is the best scary tool ....?
  37. Horror Sequels Better Than The Original
  38. your wishes in horror films......
  39. have you seen?
  40. Please recommend two great horror movies on dvd...
  41. Horror movies Sound tracks
  42. First Horror Movie You Seen?
  43. Has anyone seen Jacob's Ladder?
  44. Worst/Weakest/Least Favorite Movie In a Series
  45. Who scares you?
  46. Best real life serial killers life made into a film..
  47. Movies similar to Blood Creek/Town Creek?
  48. Nekromantic
  49. Essential Horror Movies
  50. Horror short films
  51. Best werewolf transformation
  52. Has anyone seen You're !@#$'n Dead?
  53. H.P. Lovecraft fans
  54. best horror movie since 2000
  55. Is less more? A few questions for you. (Blair Witch Project spoilers)
  56. The "Real" Halloween Returns
  57. Fat girls in horror movies
  58. Whom are you favourite movie killers and why?
  59. Why do you think the The Lament Configuration is so easy to open?
  60. What is your favourite 'Hellraiser' movie?
  61. Which Horror character wouldn't you like to be stuck in a room with?
  62. Alien Horror Movies!
  63. Let's Scare Jessica to Death
  64. Don't Let the Riverbeast Get You!
  65. Rec 3
  66. Return of the living dead questions.
  67. The Collection
  68. Resident Evil: Damnation
  69. Looking for German backyard schlock/gore recommendations
  70. Any good films with bugs?
  71. Halloween
  72. What film to watch tomorrow?
  73. A Favour... from Remembering 'Alien'
  74. Equivalents to Xploited Cinema
  75. Troma ( B Movies )
  76. Scariest scenes in horror
  77. School Girl Horror Involving Witchcraft/Satanism Recommendations
  78. FearFest
  79. Halloween on the big screen
  80. Scariest horror up to now
  81. Horror recommendations!
  82. Do you consider gore horror?
  83. Former horror fan looking for recommendations
  84. What's your favorite "Holy Sh*t!" moment from a horror movie?
  85. Carpenter's "Halloween" getting limited release on October 25th for a week!
  86. 10 of the Most Creative Kills in Horror Films
  87. 13 horror movies you might have missed
  88. which creeped you out more?
  89. Sort of General Question
  90. What are your fave Gialli/Giallo's?
  91. Last Seen European Horror?
  92. Disturbing and gory horror?
  93. Angus Scrimm
  94. Rape and revenge films?
  95. most disturbing movie/scene
  96. Holiday Horror Marathon
  97. Currently on FEARNET
  98. Movie Suggestions?
  99. What are your top 25 horror movies?
  100. TCM3D & mama
  101. Question about The Collection
  102. Mama
  103. Odd Request
  104. Horror Movies on Netflix
  105. Empire of The Ants
  106. Halloween 6 Producers Cut
  107. Antichrist movies
  108. Worst Endings
  109. So Beautiful Creatures....
  110. Which horror series has the best continuity?
  111. Which Horror Movie Figure traumatized, or scares you the MOST?
  112. Suggestions for different horror types?
  113. Movies with Cat Killing Scene
  114. Thoughts on slasher remakes
  115. The Top Ten Horror Films That You've Never Seen (but probably should)
  116. THE CRAFT: The Musical
  117. triangle in horror movies
  118. Should We Get a Nightmare Sequel?
  119. Modern horror movies that push the envelope
  120. The Wind (1986)
  121. Give Me 10 Horror Movies You "Re-Watch" The Most
  122. Your favorite zombie movies
  123. Anyone know any films that are terrifying?
  124. Studiocanal Hunting for Missing footage of THE WICKER MAN!!!
  125. movies you hated but now love
  126. Movies With Evil Books (Besides Evil Dead)
  127. Conjuring horror movies?
  128. What films gave you a major jolt?
  129. Texas Chainsaw Franchise
  130. Evil trees/plants! Recommendations wanted.
  131. Funhouse (1981)
  132. Looking for Horror Movie TV Versions
  133. Exploding Heads!!!
  134. Horror Movie Wishlist
  135. Horror Flicks You Used To Find Scary But Now Laugh At, But Still Sometimes Find Scary
  136. Favorite Horror Movie Franchise
  137. The Evil Dead (original) Dvd
  138. Weird and crazy horror movies
  139. Satanic Cult horror movies
  140. Phibes
  141. Satan's School for Girls (1973)
  142. Summer Horror Films?
  143. We need more Monsters!!
  144. Snuff
  145. 75 Best Horror Movies of All Time - Rotten Tomatoes
  146. Waxwork/Waxwork II Facebook Page
  147. Most Obscure Horror Movie
  148. Nightbreed: The Cabal Cut to get DVD Release!
  149. Robert Rusler here from A Nightmare on Elm St. 2
  150. Your Best Horror Movie Cliffhangers!
  151. Horror movie night - need help!
  152. which classic horror film should i choose?
  153. Exorcism movies in which the possession is not real
  154. The Complete Omen Collection
  155. Over one hour of lost behind-the-scenes footage from "The Night Flier"
  156. Questions about Evil Dead
  157. Horror movie scene for Halloween decoration
  158. Friday The 13th Blu Ray Complete Collection
  159. Halloween (35th Anniversary Edition)
  160. TEN must-watch Halloween recommendations
  161. Horror Film Compendium
  162. Horror Films #scriptchat
  163. Alligator II DVD
  164. General horror film reccomendations
  165. Closed/Locked doors in Horror films
  166. Media Collectables. Legit?
  167. Near Dark
  168. DEATH MATCH:Carrie vs. Carrie vs. Carrie vs. Carrie!
  169. Signed Freddy Framed Picture Scored at Pawn Shop!
  170. Looking for entertaining movies similar to Street Trash (1987)
  171. Horror Film Covers
  172. Making a list of all plant-based horror movies - help required
  173. Masked female killer/slasher movies ***SPOILERS ALERT***
  174. Grind house
  175. The Imitator
  176. Question about Return of The Living Dead 2
  177. New Horror Collector
  178. Most original Idea?
  179. Horror Movie Reviews
  180. What is your favorite George A. Romero zombie movie?
  181. Top John Carpenter films
  182. Picnic At Hanging Rock (1975) - Peter Weir's eternal unsolved mystery
  183. Best horror movie montage one the net!
  184. To be developing the game for next gen platforms
  185. Rocksteady is crafting the game with Unreal Engine
  186. Monsters/Victims thrown or jumping through WINDOWS
  187. Hellraiser ending
  188. Strangest Horror Film Villains
  189. Best Killer Bug movies (Giant Bugs, or Swarms)
  190. Channels on the Roku
  191. Question on An American Werewolf in London
  192. Quick question to horror collectors!
  193. The town that dreaded sundown
  194. Do you think women are being sexualised in hollywood horror films?
  195. Top Classic Horror films
  196. Linda Blair interview
  197. Father Digs Up Gravestones In Backyard?
  198. Horror movie from the 80's, need help
  199. Boy who says BRING!!
  200. Starting a horror vhs and dvd collection
  201. trying to find this slasher movie from the late 70s
  202. Vote on best type of horror movie.
  203. Tod Brownings DRACULA turns 84 years old today
  204. Old B/W horror movie
  205. Help Needed!
  206. Metal and Rock Horror Films
  207. Rank The Friday The 13th Films
  208. Interview with Doris Bither's son(re The Entity)
  209. House IV, and maybe an Amityville?
  210. Lord of the Flies: William Golding: Part I
  211. What movie is she from?
  212. Dario Argento Question
  213. ilsa
  214. My top ten horror movies
  215. Basket Case 3
  216. The "Favorite/Most Recommended" Horror Movies Thread.
  217. Nightmare on Friday the 13th
  218. Scariest Horror Movie??
  219. cards of death
  220. Looking for a movie based on one scene....
  221. Help with unknown movie
  222. Horror series, a review with covers
  223. help IDing
  224. Ghostbusters
  225. Serbian horror movies
  226. Favorite 80s Horror Film that Should be Made into a Video Game?
  227. best 80s slasher villain
  228. Can you help me find a movie?
  229. Return of the Living Dead Pt 2 Digital or VOD
  230. Don't Go In The House
  231. Can't remember film's title/ Changed due to country
  232. Seeking Title - Movie Where Friends Die In A House?
  233. Steel and lace
  234. veehd.com
  235. 30 "forgotten" horror films worth revisiting
  236. looking for a film title
  237. a film you can't not see
  238. Horror Top Movie
  239. Great Website for 80s Horror Movies
  240. Movies with children's Deaths
  241. Why is the Exorcist Scary?
  242. I spit on your review
  243. American psycho?
  244. Finally, some respect for Nightmare 2!
  245. SILENT NIGHT, DEADLY NIGHT Red Band Trailer
  246. Clown House (1989)
  247. Halloween Movie | Secret At The Next Door
  248. Halloween vs. Scream
  249. Toxie!!!
  250. My top five "Evil Twin" movies