Dexter Season 6 DVD TV Series Review

Dexter Season 6 DVD TV Series Review
Starring Michael C. Harris and Jennifer Carpenter.
Updated: 07-30-2012


Tagline: A serial killer with a heart..... just pray it's not yours.


Dexter Morgan is a serial killer with a slant — he only slays those whom he deems deserving: evildoers, murderers, molesters and the like. Dexter, played by Michael C. Hall, is based on a book character (books I've never read, so can't compare), a forensic scientist and blood spatter exert at the Miami P.D., who, while spending his days in the sun examining crime scenes, is making crime scenes of his own — and his dark passenger's — in the cool of the evening. Meanwhile, he must maintain the façade of happy-go-lucky Dex to his coworkers and his sister, Deb (Jennifer Carpenter, Hall's real-life ex-wife).


I've been watching the series from the beginning, and so for me it's like revisiting old friends — Batista, LaGuardia, Masuka, Dexter's dad — and making a few new ones along the way (Brea Grant, the speedy-gril from Heroes, plays a light-fingered lab assistant [and, fyi, Heroes cast is mined again for Season 7 when Santiago Cabrera joins the Dexter cast] ). However, even I'm beginning to wonder when the old friends are going to realize the party's over and go home. They're telling the same old stories again, and again.


At this point, I don't mind… however, Season 6 is the weakest of the bunch. Dexter's nemesis this time around is (again) a religious-driven serial slayer. Jordan Chase (Colin Hanks) is a seemingly mild-mannered museum employee, just a workaday average joe, but he's got an agenda: warning the sinners of the world, in messages written in their own blood, that the universe as they know it will be ending on the soon-to-come Judgment Day. The crime scenes are quite well done and extremely gory and horrific (a severed body strapped to four horses depicting the Apocalypse has some particularly ghoulish flourishes). The Book of Revelations figures in, prominently.


Dexter's as interesting as ever — even if he's not really evolving. Deb is developing, at least: Her relationship with fellow detective Joseph Quinn (Desmond Harrington) is on a roller coaster this year, and she's handling her rocky promotion to lieutenant with her characteristic f-bombs. As she hunts for the Doomsday Killer, her predatory brother is one step ahead.


Overall, it's a solid, if not exactly, er, revelatory, season. Recommended.


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Reviewed by Staci Layne Wilson



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Jordan Chase is the villain from season 5. Colin Hank's character is Travis Marshall
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