Seed of Chucky - DVD Review

Seed of Chucky - DVD Review
Seed of Chucky comes to your house, with lots of special features.
Updated: 06-05-2005

In sort of a "second coming" Seed of Chucky introduces Glen (voiced by Billy Boyd) as the plastic spawn of Chucky (Brad Dourif) and Tiffany. Jennifer Tilly does the voice of Tiffany, and also plays herself as the actress who portrays Tiffany in a low-budget stab and slab flick (we’ve seen this "horror movie within a horror movie" shtick in other franchises such as the Freddy, Jason, and Scream films… I guess you could say it’s been done to death).

The story basically follows the ending events of Bride of Chucky, as the murderous duo are now faced with the challenge of raising their gender-confused child and becoming a real family unit. Their diabolical plan involves becoming flesh and blood and they’ve got their sights set on Tilly and rapper-turned film director Redman — the two will quickly make and have a child thanks to a voodoo ritual — and baby makes three human bodies to embody. Lots of blood is spilled along the way, and only time will tell if the dolls are successful in becoming human. When a nosy reporter (John Waters) gets too close to the truth and Tilly’s assistant (Hannah Spearritt) becomes suspicious, the body count rises.

Seed of Chucky has some very funny poke-at-pop-culture moments (spoofs on Britney Spears and Jack Nicholson) and gruesome deaths (disembodied heads fly through the air, steaming guts spill… even more so, on the unrated DVD version) but the movie is more like a series of short skits strung together than it is a cohesive, well-plotted film. For the big-screen, theater experience I just barely recommended it in my review. It was fine enough for fans of the franchise, but in my opinion you had to be a die-hard.

However, on DVD in the comfort of your own home, Seed of Chucky goes down a lot easier. It’s silly, whacky (and whacking off, in one seedy scene) stuff and for a quickie that only costs you a few bucks at the rental place or to buy online it’s worth a peep.

What really makes the DVD go from "maybe" to "yes" is the additional release material. The commentary between Don Mancini and Jennifer Tilly is a real hoot — you can tell the two had a lot to say (him, mostly about the film; she, mostly about the people involved). There is also a deleted scene ("Slashed Scene") that’s amusing to see, but wasn’t necessary for film and doesn’t add any new insights.

There’s also a "Family Hell-iday Slide Show" (about as exciting as watching anyone’s vacation videos, but it’s worth a chuckle here and there); Tilly on "The Tonight Show" (a mini mock-doc she did for Jay when the film was still being shot); a documentary "Conceiving 'Seed of Chucky" (which gives an overview of the entire franchise, and how it’s evolved over the years); and a "Heeeere's Chucky" interview from the press junket, the same one did (if you compare the videos, you can tell!).

It’s all good, all fun, and of course… all Chucky.

Special Features:

Family Hell-iday Slideshow

Audio Commentary with Writer-Director Don Mancini and Actress Jennifer Tilly

Conceiving the Seed of Chucky

Tilly on The Tonight Show

Jennifer Tilly's Diary

FuZion Up Close with the Seed of Chucky Stars

Cast and Filmmakers

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Reviewed by Staci Layne Wilson

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