Snowmageddon DVD Blu-ray Movie Review

Snowmageddon DVD Blu-ray Movie Review
Directed by Sheldon Wilson. Starring David Cubitt (Medium), Magda Apanowicz (Caprica), and Michael Hogan (Battlestar Galactica).
Updated: 10-25-2012
What a great title. This movie should be cheesy, over the top, whacky fun! But it's not. Its premise, a snow globe that, when shaken, also shakes up the ski-resort in which it sits, sounds like something straight out of an old Twilight Zone, dark and creepy. It's not.
So, what is Snowmageddon? It's a SyFy Channel movie. (I love you, dear readers, but I understand if you're signing off now.)
Still with me? OK. Here's the deal. It's almost Christmas, and one of the most special deliveries of the year, all wrapped up in fancy paper and bows, is a present left on the doorstep of the Miller Family. Dad is the Sheriff of Normal, Alaska (he's played by David Cubitt, solid in NBC's Medium), Mom is a helicopter-pilot tour guide (she's played by Laura Harris, who was so good in Showtime's reaper series, Dead Like Me). They have two kids: a teenage girl (Magda Apanowicz), and a little boy (Dylan Madzke). When the youngest of the Millers opens this Pandora's Box, inside he finds an antique snow globe. He turns the crank, shakes it up, and boom! There's an earthquake, an avalanche, and your basic unleashing of evil.
Snowmageddon should either have gone with its title and been jingle-bells out silly, or it should have gone with the dark premise of a parallel universe in miniature and been super suspenseful and spooky. As I said earlier, it's neither. Snowmageddon is in TV movie purgatory, not quite good enough to recommend; not quite bad enough to disregard.
That's actually not true… when it was on television (it aired last year on the SyFy Channel) the glacial pace would have been OK as background noise and I probably would not have turned it off. But when it's on disc, one makes the definitive choice to open the box, open the player, pick up the remote, endure all the commercials and warnings, etc. In that case, it's probably not worth the trouble.
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Reviewed by Staci Layne Wilson
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