Some Guy Who Kills People DVD Movie Review

Some Guy Who Kills People DVD Movie Review
Directed by Jack Perez. Starring Kevin Corrigan, Karen Black, Ariel Gade, & Barry Bostwick.
Updated: 06-27-2012
Ken (Kevin Corrigan, Grounded For Life) is a middle-aged soda jerk who works for minimum wage at the local ice cream parlor, lives with his castigating mom Ruth (Karen Black, House of 1000 Corpses), loves comic books and spends his spare time drawing pictures he won't let anyone see. He's traumatized from a history of being bullied and beaten (and subsequently hospitalized), and he had sex once 11 years ago, producing an illegitimate daughter (whom he's known nothing about up till now).
In short: Ken is a loser.
But seeing as Some Guy Who Kills People is actually a dramedy, with just a little serial-killer subplot thrown in, Ken is a loveable loser. Corrigan has always been one of my favorite character actors, and the few times I've seen a film in which he is a lead, I've been happy — SGWKP is no exception. In fact, all of the casting is flawless: Black is always a pleasure; Barry Bostwick as the clever cop investigating the brutal killings (a decapitation scene, though not gratuitous, is priceless!) is wonderfully warm yet acerbic; and young Ariel Gade as Ken's daughter Amy is adorable without being annoying.
SGWKP is a slow but absorbing character study reminiscent of genre mash-ups like Baghead, Lars & The Real Girl, and Innkeepers. At its severed, bleeding and butchered heart, SGWKP is actually a relationship drama with Ken at its center as he awkwardly wades into fatherhood with precocious Amy while timidly exploring the possibilities of romantic relationship with pretty blonde Stephanie (Lucy Davis, Shaun of the Dead). Looks like Ken is finally growing up and things are looking up… until Fuller begins to put the string of murders together and realizes they're the bullies who beat Ken all those years ago.
The snarky Sheriff happens to be courting Ruth, which leads to some distressing nights around the dinner table as he discusses details of each murder while Ken squirms. Also, Amy decides she can't stand her family situation and moves in with Ken and Ruth… and there are even more complications — but to say much more would spoil.
The DVD has a few extras, including director commentary, a making-of featurette, and a 15-minute short film called The Fifth (which was the inspiration for the feature).
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Reviewed by Staci Layne Wilson
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