Splintered DVD Blu-ray Movie Review

Splintered DVD Blu-ray Movie Review
Directed by Simeon Halligan. Starring Stephen Martin Walters, Holly Weston, Sacha Dhawan, Sadie Pickering and Jonathan Readwin.
Updated: 03-21-2012
Pretty much any low-budget horror movie which begins with a carload of snarky kids headed for the wilderness isn't going to end well. That could mean one of two things: It won't end well for the characters, or it won't end well for audience. In the case of Splintered, I am sorry report it's the latter. I barely made it to the final credit in order to report that, but it's my job! I've taken this bullet for you, so won't you indulge me and read the review? (It's mercifully short, unlike the film.)
The suspense in Splintered is predicated on the idea that there's a livestock-killing creature loose in the Welsh countryside… needless to say, the bloodthirsty prowler has moved on to human prey. Turns out the animal is of the XY chromosome variety: yup, he's a red blooded male, hell bent on spilling the red blood of a certain female member of the carpool posse. Her name is Sophie, and she's being held captive throughout most of the film by a so-called protector, the mysterious Gavin. Meanwhile, her friends search for her — and the creature — each getting picked off one by one, but not nearly quickly nor gorily enough.
The movie looks fine; the cinematography is actually good, as are the locations, score and look and feel are perfectly serviceable, but unfortunately Splintered is blandly acted,  lazily directed, and written even worse (in one scene, pre-snatching, Sophie goes off in a moody huff, only to be followed by her friend who declares, "But I thought we were soul mates!" In another, a fallen comrade yells, as the killer closes in, "Go! Save yourself!").
The Blu-ray is packed with far more extras than it warrants. There's a massive making-of featurette, bloated with behind the scenes b-roll, congratulatory talking heads interviews with cast and crew on set, a look at the CGI, deleted scenes, and even trailers.
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Reviewed by Staci Layne Wilson
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I started watching this, and it was so crap, i turned it off, another shitty film
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