Review of "Shredder" DVD (2003)

Review of "Shredder" DVD (2003)
"Shredder" (2003) - Director: Greg Huson - Starring Scott Weinger, Brad Hawkins, Lindsey McKeon.
Updated: 01-09-2004

Review by Staci Layne Wilson for

When I received the DVD screener of Shredder, I had my doubts. I'd never heard of it before, and the cover art was of the typical splash and tack that makes you think: "Low budget, low quality." So, it was with low expectations that I slid the disc into my machine and hit the play button.

With echoes of Friday the 13th and a plethora of teenybopper slasher flicks,  Shredder opens up on a carload of nubile young things headed for a deserted mountain ski resort to play in the snow. So far, so clichéd. And the clichés keep on comin' -- but you know what? Against all odds, Shredder is actually a fun and entertaining flick from start to finish. Writer/Director Greg Huson (a virtual unknown) does a good job at keeping the plot boiling along and feeding us the clichés (virginal guy, hot chick, stupid backwoods sheriff, old legend, new red herrings, etc.)  in a rather tasty stew.

Basically the story follows a small group of snowboarding hotties who, while "shredding" the snow covered hills of an abandoned ski resort, provoke the ire of an angry skier who hates snowboarders. The killer is out to do some "shredding" of the deadly kind on these snowboarding bimbos and himbos, and watching them do stupid things while in peril is fun enough for an hour and a half.

The ski-chase scenes are not up to James Bond snuff, but they are reasonably fast-paced and visually exciting. There are some decent murder scenes, enough blood to satisfy most slasher flick fans, and a sufficiently creepy legend to keep you guessing.

Believe it or not, this straight-to-DVD B-flick does have additional release material -- and it's pretty good, too! I appreciate that when the studio makes the effort and takes time with the little extras, even on movies that probably don't deserve it. In this case, it's deleted and extended scenes, and some outtakes.

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Think Lindsey has implants?
12-18-2004 by jonplaskett discuss
awesome movie
Dudes, this movie is hot. You get to see every aspect (sides, top, botttom) of Lindsey McKeon's breasts except the nipple. She was Katie on Saved By The Bell New Class. That's nice, right? Also, one bitch is wearing long underwear and she opens the flap in the back to reveal her fine behind!! Awesome movie. Lindsey McKeon has some nice nipple-less breasts.
03-24-2004 by horrorfan132 discuss
Worst movie EVER!!!!
This movie had the worst stunts, one boob shot, and one male ass shot which takes away from the boob shot, Plot was lame, Best blood was in beginning but rip off of ghost ship intro. (Which also sucked) Thoght that this movie would atleast have some kind of novelty to it but all in all terrible. Usually B horror movies have some humor to them but I couldnt get past the lameness of this film. Man I hope someone lost a job with the outcome of this film.
02-03-2004 by shugabum discuss