Fall Down Dead DVD Movie Review

Fall Down Dead DVD Movie Review
Starring Dominique Swain, Udo Kier, and David Carradine. Directed by Jon Keeyes.
Updated: 06-06-2011

David Carradine, dead, has more movies coming out than his living costars from this 2007 thriller (Fall Down Dead has been seen almost everywhere, but for some reason is just now debuting on DVD in the States). According to the IMDb, he's got three 2011 titles to his name.

Carradine plays a security guard whose quiet late night is shattered when a frightened young woman comes banging in the glass doors of his building. At first, he hesitates, but her abject fear sways him. Christie Wallace (Dominique Swain) is a single mother being pursued by a psychotic killer dubbed "Picasso" by the press. His real name is Aaron Garvey (Udo Kier) and he is a real artist when it comes to rearranging faces and body parts. Turns out Aaron thinks Christie has just the right pieces in order for him to complete his masterpiece.
Thanks to an amazing perfect storm confluence of events, the killer and two cops (Mehmet Günsür  and R. Keith Harris) wind up locked inside the otherwise deserted office complex along with Christie and Wade the guard. Oh, and it's Christmas Eve and Christie's young daughter is home on her own. Oh, and there's a power outage, too. Oh, and did I mention none of this really makes any sense?
As the story becomes more insular, concentrating on the predator and the prey in one convenient location, Fall Down Dead really starts to fall down dead itself. Each contrived twist and every routine turn makes the waiting game for the end credits to roll seem that much longer.
There are some decent death scenes in the movie, but with acting this over the top, a screenplay this muddled and direction this pedestrian, why bother? There is gratuitous nudity, but again: you can see the same thing in other, much better horror flicks.
The DVD does not contain any additional release material.
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Reviewed by Staci Layne Wilson
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