Snakes on a Plane (DVD)

Snakes on a Plane (DVD)
I am not tired of these m-f'ing snakes!
Updated: 01-04-2007

Samuel L. Jackson drops f-bombs and dispatches a cargo-hold of snakes and serpents in this A-level B-movie about an FBI agent who must contend with the deadly sabotage of his mission while in-flight. I saw this movie once in theaters, and was happy to check it out again on DVD. It's just a cool little flick with some really crazy, over the top insert shots (it's quite obvious where the grafted footage is, and that only adds to the fun).


The star of the show is clearly having a great time in the role he lobbied for, and while he really isn't in the movie as much as one might wish it's still a blast to watch him shake, rattle and roll with the all the riled reptiles. The supporting cast are all straight out of Stereotype Central Casting, but that's OK -- this is a big-budget B-movie that sinks its fangs unabashedly into the camp genre. There is plenty of bite-action, hissy-fit fight-sequences, and for ophidiophobes (those who fear the long, slinky things), there are many moments when your knuckles will be whiter than an albino viper.


The movie is not quite good — or bad — enough to become a classic, and it does take an awfully long time till we spy our first slithery creature (nearly a half hour), but if you've read about this movie and thought you'd like it, then chances are you will. The name really does say it all.


As for an additional release material, New Line really packed this DVD with the wallop fans who’ve already seen the movie in theaters will want and expect. First up, there's an audio commentary featuring some of the crew, director David Ellis, and the man of the hour and half himself, Samuel L. Jackson. Jackson takes center stage, cracking lots of jokes and making for a very merry yak track indeed.


There are several deleted and extended scenes, with optional filmmaker commentary: Waiting At The Gate (:54), Eddie Kim Spars (1:10), Boarding (1:58), Three G's And Mercedes (1:15), Agent Flynn And Claire (1:17), Longer Mrs. Bova Attack (1:49), Music Video Talk (1:18), Despair In The Cabin (0:38), Water Crash Prep (:39) and Flynn's Offer (:43).


Plus there are four featurettes: "Pure Venom, the Making of Snakes on a Plane"; "Meet the Reptiles" (and their handler, Jules Sylvester who is quite a character); "Snakes on a Blog," which goes behind the Internet buzz and is really quite interesting; and, finally, "VFX".


At last, there's the music video by Cobra Starship, Snakes on a Plane: Bring It, which is totally annoying yet admittedly catchy (one of "those" songs), plus a behind-the-scenes segment on making the video, which features Jackson in a cameo.


The disc case is encased in an embossed slipcover made to mimic scales, so all around you do get your money's worth in the Snakes on a Plane DVD.


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Reviewed by Staci Layne Wilson

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