See No Evil (DVD)

See No Evil (DVD)
Eight Teens, One Weekend, One Serial Killer.
Updated: 11-16-2006

See No Evil was "one of those" horror movies not screened for critics; I seldom get around to seeing those on my own dime, so I was fine waiting a few months for my DVD screener. I was in no hurry, really, considering the fact a professional wrestler was starring and I'd never heard of any of the other actors in it. Oh, yeah, and there was the matter of the overwhelmingly bad reviews from the critics who did see the movie on opening day.


So maybe my expectations were low, but I liked See No Evil right from the start and it held my attention till the very end. Sure, it's riddled with clichés, but the pace moves right along and there are truly grisly, quite inventive, death scenes. Isn't that what we watch slasher flicks for?


Set in a world that could have been conceived of David Morrell (Creepers/historic hotel) and Lucio Fulci (From Beyond/eyeball obsession), See No Evil follows the evildoings of a reclusive psychopath named Jacob Goodnight (Kane) who's been holed away in a rotting hotel called The Blackwell. A group of juvenile delinquents are sent to clean the derelict digs, never guessing that it could cost them their eyes (and lives!).


The death scenes are quick, vicious, and often bring to mind some of the 70s Italian giallo/slasher flicks. Keep your peepers open for the scenes involving dogs, and an awesome fall from a high window.


See No Evil certainly has a mongrel's pedigree — starring a WWF celeb, helmed by a former porno / music video director, and written by a guy who's only credits include TV episodes of Smackdown! — it could have been a helluva lot worse. Music by Tyler Bates and crisp, striking cinematography by Ben Nott help a lot, as do some good visual effects.


An uncomplicated, brutal and bloody horror movie, See No Evil is worth a look.


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Reviewed by Staci Layne Wilson

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..It's much better than [B][I]Pulse[/I][/B]. Enjoyed it.:)
12-13-2006 by roshiq discuss
Havent seen it yet, but it looks like your typical "freak go and get them and maybe one or two survive" slasher, but then again, what slasher isnt like that now Kane makes one hell of a killer though. Id be scared If I met him like that
12-12-2006 by HorrorSociety discuss
its a new movie that just came out on starrs the wrestler kane...for his first movie, its pretty good. way better then the rock's first movie
12-08-2006 by horror_wench discuss
When did this come out? i haven't heard of it...... is it on dvd or at the cinema?
12-04-2006 by Disease discuss
first of all, Kane works for the WWE, formly the WWF. And the movie night have had cliches, yet what movie doesn't? every movie nowadays seems to have some cliches and copying from other movies. kane brought a bad ass killer to the scene and made sure everyone would remeber whom Jacob Goodnight was. It doesn't matter who plays in See No Evil. Every actor has t oget his or hers start someone. SEE NO EVIL #1 Fan
11-28-2006 by horror_wench discuss