"Hellboy" Exclusive Coverage

"Hellboy" Exclusive Coverage
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Updated: 04-03-2004

This week, Hellboy makes a leap from the pages of his comic book to the big screen. Horror.com is following closely behind with exclusive interviews, reviews, video, picture and more. Check this page daily for the latest Hellboy movie updates.

"Hellboy" Exclusive Premiere Video Coverage:

Hellboy Premiere
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"Hellboy" Exclusive Premiere Photographs:

Hellboy Premiere Pics 
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"Hellboy" Staci's 60 Second Review:

Hellboy 60 Second Review
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Interview with director Guillermo Del Toro

Interview with Selma Blair ("Liz Sherman")

Interview with Ron Perlman ("Hellboy")

Review of Hellboy

Hellboy Limited Edition Props
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Latest User Comments:
excellent it was so great i love it i hope they make a sequel or something good just like it
12-17-2005 by scaryminda15 discuss
didn't like it. bored me out of my skull! except for perlman acting was lousy, computer graphics were only so/so. violence for violence sake is just not my genre i suppose. blech.
04-07-2004 by snuggie discuss
i wanna c it
04-06-2004 by morgan discuss
Hellboy coverage
Xlent, xlent, xlent!!! Best coverage on the net. It's this kind of in depth coverage that keeps us all coming back. This is the definitive site for Hellboy coverage and Hellboy!
04-03-2004 by Hellboy discuss