"Exorcist" Voice Mercedes McCambridge Dies at 87

"Exorcist" Voice Mercedes McCambridge Dies at 87
Actress who provided possessed Regan's voice in "The Exorcist" dies
Updated: 03-18-2004

Actress Mercedes McCambridge, who won an Oscar for the 1949 film "All the King's Men" and later provided the raspy voice of the demon-possessed girl in "The Exorcist," has died. She was 87.

Because of her great vocal skills, McCambridge was hired to portray The Demon in William Friedkin's 1973 smash hit "The Exorcist." After weeks of what she called the hardest work she had done for a film, she had been promised prominent mention in the credits.

But when she attended the preview, her name was missing. As she left the theater in tears, Friedkin tried to explain that there had been no time to insert her credit. The Screen Actors Guild intervened and forced her inclusion in the credits.

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(((((her family))))))) deserves a hug :D i wonder if she had a dog..dogs are fun to hug... ok sorry...
05-21-2004 by evil_blonde discuss
its pretty certain that mercedes mccambridge's voice was the scariest i hv ever heard in my life. in the film her voice had got such a thrill that it could scare the hell out of you. really sad that she's no more. i would hv loved to seen more of her dubbed movies
05-21-2004 by harsh discuss
thats very sad cause she was such a big part of the exorcist doing regan mcneils voice.
05-06-2004 by johnny discuss
Aww, thats pretty sad :(
03-22-2004 by imaek discuss