Femme Fetales Set Visit

Femme Fetales Set Visit
Femme Fetales Horror Episode, Haunted. Directed by Darin Scott and Starring Tiffany Brouwer
Updated: 06-30-2011


Text by Staci Layne Wilson
Photos by John P. Johnson and Staci Layne Wilson
We in the genre world are a tight knit crew. I happen to know director Darin Scott personally, so I felt comfortable enough to lead off with a slightly off-putting question on my visit to the set of Femme Fetales (the sizzling new late night anthology series on Cinemax). I had just watched his horror episode (which debuts June 24 at 11:00 p.m. ET/PT) minutes before, and the mispronunciation of the legendary Satanist Aleister Crowley stuck in my craw.
I asked Darin about it, knowing of course what his answer would be: “Everyone pronounces it like that!” It’s true. Not sure if it began with the Ozzy Osbourne song or what, but it’s not said that way. It’s “crow” and “lee”… in fact, there’s a little saying dating back to his heyday, “Oh, Crowley, name of the holy! / Do not pronounce it Croully / Whate'er the worth of this your mirth / It reads a trifle foully.”
Tonight’s installment of Femme Fetales does, indeed, deal with Satanic rites which flash back to the 1920s and then flash (literally… this show shows everything!) forward to present day where the paranormal investigators of a TV show (Andrew Dickler, Steve Richard Harris, Annie Lynne Melchor) find frights aplenty when they are joined by famous psychic demonologist, Dr. Holly Brown (Tiffany Brouwer), to investigate mysterious murders in an allegedly haunted house. (OK, not allegedly – this is Darin “Dark House” Scott directing, so hell yes, the place is lousy with spirits!)
Darin was joined on the spooky warehouse set by his lead actresses Tiffany Brouwer and Annie Lynne Melchor, as well as the show’s hostess, Tanit Phoenix (who plays Lilith… sort of a Rod Serling meets Elvira type). While nothing especially revelatory was revealed (yes, they all enjoy the horror genre; yes, they are all proud of the episode; and yes, they all liked working together), I have to say it was a fun visit and getting to see the episode early was a treat. Haunted (#7, if you’re keeping count) is definitely the most fun Femme Fetales to date, and exemplifies exactly what I was hoping for before I reviewed the first few shows. What’s more, the director’s style shines through (especially in the visuals, it’s beautifully shot; plus there’s a reference to Scooby Doo I know will be appreciated by many).
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In character... and on the set!
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