See Saw in 3D

See Saw in 3D
Cary Elwes as Dr. Gordon, Saw 3-D
Updated: 09-24-2010

Click to enlarge: Cary Elwes stars as 'Dr. Gordon' in SAW 3D.  Photo credit: Brooke Palmer

The and exclusively released (2) new images from SAW 3D.
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i see saw in a park once, when i was a kid.
09-29-2010 by wufongtan. discuss
It's great to see Cary Elwes returning, judging by the pic we're seeing this seems most likely he is at the self-help meeting held by Bobby and several other Jigsaw surivors. I wonder why it looks like Gordon can walk properly. Maybe he uses a cane..
09-26-2010 by MutantMuffin discuss