Resident Evil Afterlife Set Visit - Milla Jovovich Interview 1 of 2

Resident Evil Afterlife Set Visit - Milla Jovovich Interview 1 of 2
Updated: 05-17-2010

Below is the transcript from our group interview with Resident Evil: Afterlife actor Wentworth Miller from a visit to the set. For details and personal observations as to what occurred on set the impressions people made, please read our article on the Resident Evil Afterlife Set Visit by Staci Layne Wilson

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Milla Jovovich Two Resident Evil 11-13-2009 Transcript One
How does it feel to be back in Toronto? It must be a reprieve from the sweltering heat of Mexico?
Jovovich: It’s quite a reprieve. (Laughs) It’s great. I love Toronto. It’s a great city and it’s nice to be in a place where you get all the amenities of a big city of course. But there was definitely a charm about Mexicali. You can’t beat our little tiny motel that we stayed, the little pool in the middle and all of our rooms looking out on it and we could all get margaritas at the end of the day. It was fun.
You mentioned a little bit about working on the script with Paul. Can you talk about that and what the back and forth is like with you guys?
Jovovich: We definitely sit up a lot talking about the script and the story and, you know, definitely we talk about all the things that I like first and then, you know, I get into the things that I’m not totally sure about. And, you know, pretty much he’ll either explain a really great reason for something and I’m like, “Okay” or if it’s something I feel really strongly about, you know he’ll go and rewrite it.
Is there something that you are pleased to see he took your advice on?
Jovovich: Quite a bit. I don’t want to give it away. I guess you guys aren’t allowed to... Okay, yeah, I was very much wanting the action to just step up a notch for this one, especially with the 3-D. I had always experienced going to the movies... I don’t remember what it is, that advertising... Not advertising, but it’s like that amphitheater that you sort of swoop down into when you’re at the movies.
That logo for Pacific Theaters.
Jovovich: Yeah, yeah, yeah. I always loved that. It was, like, “Wow, you really kind of feel like you’re flying into it.” I really like feel like, if you just see something like that in 3-D, how amazing that is, that feeling of really swooping down and flying. So we have Alice flying a plane in this one, which is going to be really cool, so that you really get this feeling of flying through things and flying low through things. And also a big thing of mine was doing a great jump, especially in 3-D, so you really have this feeling of diving down like an elevator shaft in the skyscrapers, so it was constantly like, “Oh, have you written the elevator shafts? Have you written the elevator shafts?” And so he wrote this really great scene during the clone sequence where my clones crash through this plate glass window and then get into this needle dive going down like 50 stories of the Umbrella headquarters. And they found this amazing place. It’s at the University here where they have these white floating pods, which is actually like a coffee station, I guess, for the teachers. And then the other is a study area. Lucky students and teachers, wow. So that’s the main Wesker Umbrella headquarters center. And then I do this really amazing needle dive, the two clones shooting people as we go down. It’s in this atrium so all the balconies are around, guards are coming and it’s like, (she makes machine gun sounds).
Is that shot practically?
Jovovich: It was shot against green screen. It was really about, like, because the first take we did, I like to see playback all the time in every film because I like to make adjustments. When I see it on screen it kind of becomes more clear to me what’s not right with this. Or, you know, “It’s great. I love it.” But most of the time, it’s like, “What’s not right about this?” (Laughs) I saw the playback and I’m on wires so they bring me the little clamshell and, you know, I’m kind of just like floating there and it’s like there’s just something wrong with this shot. And I realized when I skydived, there was, like, the wind hitting you and it’s not like big moves, but you really feel the wind resistance. And I was like, “I think this is missing the wind resistance to give it that reality of actually diving.” I mean, it was so weird, that whole diving sequence was just surreal because, A) We were shooting nights so we would come up with these crazy ideas at three in the morning, but to shoot me diving straight down I had to be up so my pony tail is, like, flying in the right direction. So I’m hanging there kind of doing stuff like that to kind of do the wind resistance. And then when my clone’s like crash through the windows, one is crashing this way and the other is shooting crash backwards. So it was like, if she’s falling this way, then her ponytail’s going to fall down. So we actually have to shoot you. No, yeah, if she’s falling this way her ponytail would be flying up because of the wind. So we actually had to shoot me backwards for the ponytail and then the other one who’s falling down, her hair’s here so we actually had to shoot me... And, you know, doing this at three in the morning. “Which way is the ponytail going?” It was just literally so hard to do and everyone’s getting really pissed off. I’m like, “I think that” and Paul would be like, “Don’t!” (whispering) I’d be like, “Okay. I didn’t say anything, but that ponytail was not in the right direction.”
How are your new cast-mates acclimating to the minutia of all these action shots and anything fun they’ve said you’d like to share?
Jovovich: Kim is just a riot. He is an amazing actor and just so much fun to work with because he just improvises all over the place.
Is that encouraged?
Jovovich: Oh yeah, sure. Anything to give life to the characters is great. But sometimes he’ll just go so far that you’re just like, “Are you joking?” At one point he started talking about, “We’ve got to get out of here because they’re gonna come and they’re gonna eat us alive. We’re the only fresh meat alive on the West Coast.” And he just starts going and he’s like, “They’re going to tear us piece by piece off our bones, the meat, blood and eating,” just like completely and we’re just talking like, “Are you freaking serious?” (Laughs) It’s turning into Scary Movie or something. It was hilarious.
Wentworth is just such a wonderful, wonderful guy. We’ve had quite a few really fun experiences. I’m sure if you guys have read the Twitter account you’ve read about him shooting Boris’ ear, which is a pretty crazy sequence. I guess Wentworth’s never fired a gun before this movie.
Even in Prison Break? I think he did.
Jovovich: I don’t think so because he was like, “Yeah, I’ve never actually pointed a gun, I’ve never actually fired a gun.” I was like, “Oh, okay.” It was kind of funny, so they went and practiced for a few minutes before the scene, ready to fire. It’s like, wow, it takes a lot to just go into the room and then in five minutes it’s like, “Okay, action.” He pulled it off. He’s really good. We’ve had a really great time just hanging out between takes and making fun of each other. We’re just constantly just having a great time imitating each other and our characters. It’s been a blast.
How has Alice evolved, especially with her powers? Are we going to see them evolve more?
Jovovich: Yeah, a little bit, but I think the interesting thing about this movie... Actually, this is one of the arguments I had with Paul. At the beginning of the scriptwriting process he convinced me that this is the way it should be, which is really funny. I’m glad you reminded me of that. But she loses her powers in this movie.
(someone comes in the room. side chat)
Jovovich: I’ll just finish up with this. She loses her powers in this one and it’s actually a really great thing because, in some sense it makes her human again, which she’s wanted. And I think it gives her a lightness too and a sense of relief to just be a bad-ass again and not have to be a superhero. I think that shows throughout the rest of the movie, this kind of, in a strange way, like a joy of just being herself again, which is great.
The elbow, what is this thing called that you’ve got wrapped around?
Jovovich: It does serve a functional purpose. A), it used to be my t-shirt, which ripped. But, B) In the movie I have kind of Travis Bickle-type guns from under my coat, so they protect my arms. It also comes very much in handy when I’m crawling through tunnels. (Laughs)
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