Saw 6 DVD Review

Saw 6 DVD Review
The Doctor Is In (a trap)
Updated: 01-25-2010
Coming with a copy of the original Saw (2004), the Saw 6 DVD boasts several additional release materials and the cool see-thru packaging that's become a trademark of the series.
I saw the movie once on the big screen, but I had horrible seating so I was eager to see the movie again (I mean, just see it!). I liked the premise and the plot at first blush, and I still liked it the second time around. However, I can see how some viewers may not — Saw 6 is a deviation from more recent entries in that it's more of a standalone film and is very much a commentary on the sorry state of the U.S. Healthcare System. Horror "message movies" don't usually work for me, but in this case I found it to be pretty germane to Jigsaw's backstory and it seemed a believable enough impetus to make an intelligent and "normal" person go off the deep end and begin an elaborate series of murders which would last years and ensnare accomplices into his web of malice.
No spoilers here — Jigsaw (Tobin Bell) died a few movies ago, but that hasn't stopped him from coming back, time and time again. Unlike Jason or Freddy though, Jigsaw remains human and without supernatural powers. He's brought back via flashback and well-plotted nonlinear timelines. This labyrinthine storytelling technique tries the patience at times, but not so much in Saw 6, where it's essential and actually quite intriguing to see how it all unfolds. (But for me to rehash the plot here would be tedious; you really just need to see the movie… and believe me, it's well worth a look for fans just to see all the key players / actors sharing scenes!).
Saw 6 heralded the directorial debut of Kevin Greutert, who edited several of the previous entries in the franchise (next up, he's slated to scare audiences with Paranormal Activity 2). Even though another Saw veteran, DP David A. Armstrong, resurfaces here, the movie has a different look and feel to it (while still remaining true enough to its predecessors). It looks pretty good — much better than Saw V (the worst film in the series, in my opinion).
Seems Greutert's off to a good start in the horror film biz, showing equal acumen in handling both actors and action. And when it comes to 'action' in a Saw film, we're talking blood, suspense, gore, and fights to the death. There are some doozys in Saw 6, kicking off with a particularly gruesome and tension-fraught opening scene showcasing VH-1's Scream Queens Season One winner/actress, Tanedra Howard.
DVD special features:
Audio Commentary with Producer Mark Burg and Executive Producers Peter Block and Jason Constantine — while these aren't the names you might recognize, this is actually the more informative of the two commentaries. The producers actually add a lot of later and dimension to the discussion, and do an excellent job of succinctly recapping the characters' previous motivations and what got them to where they are now.
Audio Commentary with Director Kevin Greutert and Screenwriters Patrick Melton & Marcus Dunstan — this is the more fun and informal of the commentaries, with some humorous behind the scenes stories, trivia tidbits, and helpful hints for stalkers (apparently, Tanedra Howard is still working at the HOOTERS restaurant on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood, CA.).
•Jigsaw Revealed featurette
•The Traps of Saw VI featurette
•A Killer Maze: Making Saw Game Over featurette
•Music videos from the bands Mushroomhead, Memphis May Fire, Hatebreed and Suicide Silence
•Original theatrical trailer
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Reviewed by Staci Layne Wilson
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Saw 6 was really cool I had to re watch them all recently after I completed Saw the game for xbox 360 This one has to easily be my favorite
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