Dimension to "Wake The Dead"

Dimension to "Wake The Dead"
Another Steve Niles comic to be adapted into horror film.
Updated: 11-18-2003

Michael Dougherty, the screenwriter who brought us "X-Men 2", has been tapped to turn Steve Niles' dark comic "Wake The Dead" into a full-length feature. The movie - which studio describes as "'Flatliners' meets 'Frankenstein'" - follows four college kids who set out to reanimate objects and literally wake the dead.

This is only the latest of many Steve Niles comics to be taken to the big screen. His "30 Days of Night" is set up at Columbia Pictures, and his "Criminal Macabre" is set up at MGM. The comic writer got his big break with 2002's 3-issue miniseries "30 Days of Nights", though he'd been active as a writer in the industry for years prior, including substantial work on Todd McFarlane's "Spawn", a "Cube" comic adapted from the movie, and comic adaptations of Harlan Ellison and Clive Barker tales. In 1993, he worked with George Romero and Clive Barker on the comic "Night of the Living Dead: London".

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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