"Blood Reaper" To Premiere in Hollywood

"Blood Reaper" To Premiere in Hollywood
Indie horror movie makes it debut on November 15.
Updated: 11-07-2003

The creators of "Blood Reaper" sent us this press release so we could pass it on to you independent horror fans (especially those in Southern California):

The World Premiere of the independent horror movie BLOOD REAPER takes place at The Vine Theater in Hollywood on November 15. The movie will also be showing on Nov 21 and 22 at Laemmle's Sunset 5 in West Hollywood.

Screening information:
BLOOD REAPER World Premiere
Saturday, Nov 15, 11:30 pm
Vine Theater
6321 Hollywood Blvd in Hollywood
(323) 463-6819
Admission $9 - advance tickets available at box office
Meet the director and cast

BLOOD REAPER Midnight screenings Friday and Saturday, Nov 21 and 22, midnight Laemmle's Sunset 5 8000 Sunset Blvd in West Hollywood (323) 848 3500 Admission $9 - advance tickets available at box office (discounts for students and seniors at Sunset 5)

This is the chance to see an independent movie and meet the people behind it - and meet plenty of other horror fans.

BLOOD REAPER features "Hollywood Scream Queen" Brinke Stevens, it is one of many movies Brinke has been busy with in recent years. Country singer and recording artist Bobby Mackey makes an appearance in the movie, and performs a song he wrote for it called "Juebel". The movie also features up-and-coming star Cameron McHarg in his first action role. BLOOD REAPER was written by Douglas Hensley ("Hell's Gate"), edited by Bill Kimberlin (RETURN OF THE JEDI), and directed by Lory-Michael Ringuette (DEEPLY DISTURBED (Joe Bob Briggs says "Check it out!")).

BLOOD REAPER features shocking and bloody special effects, and plenty of suspense and creepy atmosphere, satisfying anyone who is a fan of horror movies. Working on a very small budget, the cast and crew shot BLOOD REAPER in a variety of locations in Northern California, including the Stanislaus National Forest, Yosemite Pines RV Resort, Yolo County, Novato, and Niles Canyon. Drama and conflict thrived during the BLOOD REAPER production, and the people involved have the scars and stories to prove it.

Fired from her job, Leann joins her friends for a weekend getaway in the cursed mountains, where evil dwells. Warnings of the legendary madman Juebel Fishman go unheeded by the vacationers. But one by one, as they fall prey to the mysterious monster, they discover that the legend is true. Juebel exists, and he wants to kill you…

Screening copies available.

More information at the Blood Reaper website.

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