Shriekfest - Lights Out for the Year

Shriekfest - Lights Out for the Year
Horror Film Festival Results
Updated: 10-05-2009

Shriekfest Los Angeles concluded its 3-day slate of films last night, with director Tammi Sutton's Sutures (review coming soon), and the ceremony for the weekend's winners. Features honors went to directors Darin Scott (Dark House - review coming soon), Travis Betz (Lo) and Robert Beaucage (Spike). For a full list of champs and honorees, please check the official website.


Top: Robert Beaucage - "Spike"
Lower: Darin Scott - "Dark House"



And the winners are...


= = =


The next big film festival for horror in Los Angeles is ScreamFest, running in Hollywood from October 17-24, 2009.


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