Get Killed By Dr. Bonesaw

Get Killed By Dr. Bonesaw
Got a few sawbucks?
Updated: 09-20-2009


Los Angeles, CA - Production Studio Lead Balloon is seeking out those dying to get into film business and calling their bluff.  The multi-hyphenate production house announced its second foray into horror features today with "Dr. Bonesaw," a splatter-house horror film with a radical funding model that stocks its body count with fans eager to die on camera.
"Really this is all about the experience," says producer Jesse Vigil. “Seeing those movies is great, and they're fun to watch, but we've also had a blast making them. We want to be able to share the experience of making the movie with the people who made the film possible. There's NASCAR Camp and Rock Star Camp and Golf Pro Camp, and think of this like Horror Movie Camp. And they get to walk away with a hard copy of their experience to share with their friends."
Touting it as "the first horror film funded by the victims," Lead Balloon is putting together the production budget for the film using internet-based "crowdfunding," offering incentives and tangible rewards to anyone who pledges a sum of money to go towards the film. The pledge drive is facilitated by Kickstarter, a Brooklyn-based startup that recently made headlines with its successes in facilitating piecemeal funding from the internet community. "What's great about Kickstarter," stresses Vigil, "is how well it's thought out. All you have to do, literally, is pledge. The money only leaves your account if the project is 100% funded in the time allotted, so you're only giving money to a thing that's actually going to happen. Being creative with the rewards, though, was what made us so enthusiastic about the model and gave us the good idea for the project."
"Bonesaw" offers several packages that will have its "investors" sliced, diced and gored in their hospital of horrors, all at the hands of a sexy bonesaw wielding maniac.  "It's always been a fantasy of mine," says producer Patrick Mullen.  "These movies make dying look like so much fun.  Johnny Depp getting eaten by a bed in Nightmare On Elm Street?  That's a good day in anyone's book."
Following the sole survivor of a massacre at an asylum who acquires a bonesaw hand and is set loose in a hospital amongst its promiscuous medical staff, "Dr. Bonesaw" flows in the vein of Roger Corman, Wes Craven, Sam Raimi and those fun horror films of the 70s and 80s.  "Even more than scares, we're going after those memorable moments that will get a reaction out of the crowd" says director Asa Shumskas-Tait.  "It's meant to be a movie you watch with friends and scream at the screen."
A person can be a backer of "Dr. Bonesaw" for as little as $20, but the producers offer tiered PBS pledge-drive style rewards for pledging higher amounts. Producer credits, slots in the soundtrack for a band, and special effects tutorials go for $100 to $1000. For $2,000 the people at Lead Balloon promise a role as a victim in the film, a test session with a Hollywood FX artist, a pass to watch others be killed on an additional shooting day, photos of the death scene, an invitation to the premiere and various parties, and of course, a copy of the film. 
Other death packages include being an "iconic victim" with an extra creative demise, and one pledger will be the film's "sole survivor." 
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Lead Balloon is the original content imprint of Los Angeles-based hybrid media studio Psychic Bunny. Launched in Q2 2009 to produce feature films, web series, games, mobile and interactive projects, Lead Balloon's first original web series, "Coma, Period." was signed to Strike.Tv and premieres on the web television network on September 2. Lead Balloon's first horror feature, "The Echo Game" recently completed post-production and is about to begin negotiations for distribution. Further inquires can be directed to
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