Exclusive Harper's Island Interview with Chris Gauthier

Exclusive Harper's Island Interview with Chris Gauthier
Another of our one-of-a-kind Harper's Island victim interviews.
Updated: 06-05-2009
Harper's Island aired on Saturday and we got to see the gory demise of yet another victim! This time, it was groomsman Malcolm (played by Chris Gauthier), who was guarding some ill-gotten goods with his life. Didn't work. 
Check out our exclusive interview with Chris. [click on his image to enlarge it]
1) If Malcolm had only watched The Shield Season Three, he would have known that burning stolen money is never a good idea for the burner. Especially $100 bills… do you think the ghost of Benjamin Franklin might have been behind Malcolm’s *and* Lemonhead’s demise?
I have never seen The Shield, but I think you may be on to something with that. Ben Franklins' ghost has been the demise of many!
2) Before all this happened, Malcolm was guarding that cash with his life — and other’s lives, even though they didn’t ask. But why, for the love of money, didn’t he at least wash some of the blood off it?
He is a literal guy, I think Malcolm thinks that blood money should be just that: Bloody money.
3) When Malcolm encountered the chainsaw-wielding weed whacker outside the inn, what was he thinking?
I think he was thinking that thinking may get him into trouble, just react! I think!
4) Malcolm swiped and hid that money to start a business — do you think he would have been a good businessman?
Sure, he was a tenacious little fellow. If he was anything like me, at least he'd be passionate about it.
5) Now that Malcolm is probably burning in Hell, which Devil do you secretly hope is cracking the whip: the Ray Wise (Reaper) version, Tim Curry (Legend), Elizabeth Hurley (Bedazzled), Robert De Niro (Angel Heart), or someone else?
I hope he's with the Devil that likes to have heavy metal rock offs, so he can rock out a bit! I hear he likes PRiMUS!





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