Exclusive Harper's Island Interview with David Lewis

Exclusive Harper's Island Interview with David Lewis
Another of our one-of-a-kind Harper's Island victim interviews.
Updated: 05-26-2009
After a bit of a break, Harper's Island returned on Saturday in the aftermath of Mr. Wellington's (the Father of the Bride) shocking death. This time we saw the gory remains, and learned more about his duplicitous son-in-law, Richard (played by David Lewis), who was having an affair with Mr. Welligton's young trophy wife. Richard didn't get to feel guilty for long though, as he was murdered by an unseen assailant right before the end of the episode.
Check out our exclusive interview with David. [click on his image to enlarge it]
1) Looks like someone was aiming for Richard’s heart when he was so brutally killed… but did he really have a heart?
Yes, he has a heart. He is just a man who was beaten down so much that he finally bites back. Maybe his ego got involved when he sought revenge - but not a bad person.
2) Will Richard have an open-casket funeral? Describe his dream send-off.
No. He would be put into a little boat, set on fire and then pushed out into the water. It would follow his Nordic background. 
3) Will the widow wear black? Who will grieve more - his wife, or the doubly-deprived Mrs. Wellington?
I think at this point there is so much that is going to start happening that my death will be the least of their worries. Things are going to start moving quickly now. But I would hope my wife would grieve more. 
4) Richard tried to give the groom some advice before he died - he’s one to talk! But if he could communicate from the Beyond, what would he tell Henry now?
Trust no one.
5) Assuming Richard saw little Madison in the window, what was his final thought about her before he got skewered? 
"I hope she is going to be safe."
Harper's Island Week 6
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