Exclusive Harper's Island Interview with Sarah Smyth

Exclusive Harper's Island Interview with Sarah Smyth
Another of our one-of-a-kind Harper's Island victim interviews.
Updated: 04-17-2009



What an en-"deering" episode of Harper's last night! Not only were there two beheadings and a hanging, but the prissy socialite, Lucy (played by Sarah Smyth) was smote by fire and (maybe) brimstone!


As we will be doing every week until the limited series ends next month, here is horror.com's exclusive chat from beyond the grave...



1. Lucy’s purse pet, Gigi, witnesses her mistresses’ murder — do you think if her family hires Sonia Fitzgerald (“The Pet Psychic”), they could find out who dunnit?
* Gigi and Lucy have a very special bond. I don’t know much about pet psychics but I think yes if she worked her magic we would be able to find out who killed Lucy.
2. To me, it kinda looked like Gigi was looking for every excuse to ditch Lucy. Could Gigi secretly be an accomplice?
* Well that is my theory – that Gigi is actually the murderer.   She is the one who led me to the pit.
3. Lucy was a socialite, which means she’s up on all the gossip and secrets — do you reckon she was charmingly trying to find out what really happened on the island seven years ago, and that’s what got her, um, “fired” from her bridesmaid job?
* Lucy used to summer on the island with Trish.   She had heard about John Wakefield and the murders but didn’t know the juicy details. 
4. Will Lucy be buried in the clothes she died in?
*Seeing the way Lucy died, her clothes have probably turned to ash. But Lucy’s dream burial outfit would have been her lucky yellow dress which she wore to the welcome dinner the first night on the island.
5. If you really squint and use your imagination… this second episode of Harper’s Island was rather Godfather’esque — priests; cannoli (OK, scones); disembodied animal heads used as warnings; and of course, a huge wedding. So, if you were actually in The Godfather instead of Harper’s Island, who would you like to play, and why?
* Good question. Not sure who is most like Lucy but now I want to watch the movie again to find out.

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