Underworld 3 - Rhona Mitra Interview

Underworld 3 - Rhona Mitra Interview
An interview with actress Rhona Mitra about the making of Underworld 3.
Updated: 01-24-2009

The original Underworld was one of the coolest Vampire vs Werewolf movies in recent memory. There was a second movie (Evolution) in 2006. This weekend Underworld 3: "Rise of the Lycans" opens in US theaters. Can U3 live up to the expectations of genre fans that the first film created?

Rise of the Lycans is a prequel to the original Underworld films, set hundreds of years before the original. Veteran British actress Rhona Mitra (Beowulf, Skinwalkers) takes the place of Kate Beckinsale as the star of Underworld 3. Horror.com's Staci Wilson was lucky enough to have the chance to sit down with Rhona Mitra and talk to her about the story, the making of the film, and lots of other fun stuff. Here's Staci and here's Rhona...

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