Jennifer Carpenter Talks Dexter

Jennifer Carpenter Talks Dexter
The horror hottie talks Season Two finale.
Updated: 12-14-2007

When caught up with Jennifer Carpenter last week on the set of her upcoming horror movie, Quarantined, we could not resist asking her about our favorite TV series, Dexter. (Dexter Season Two is all done this Sunday!)



Staci Layne Wilson / Season Two is almost over… now that you've been on series television, what are some of your thoughts on how it's coming along and what can fans expect in Season 3?


Jennifer Carpenter: Well, I am very pleased. I mean, I am the luckiest actress in the world as far as I am concerned. I love that part. I love that show. I love those writers, I love the people that I'm working for. It is the greatest blessing in the world. The fact that I put myself in that car and drove to those auditions was the greatest thing I ever did. And you know, the first season was phenomenal. I thought as far as storytelling goes. It was pretty fantastic, and the second season, I think tops it without question. And I know the writer strike it's going on, even though the pen is not put to paper. I'm sure they're all cooking and I'm excited to see what happens.


When are you shooting Season 3?


Jennifer Carpenter: We are supposed to start in late May.


How do you feel about the plan that they're going to put it on CBS?


Jennifer Carpenter: I have mixed feelings about that. I really enjoy the fact that show time is like this diamond in the rough, I don't think everyone has quite discovered it yet. I'm happy that people are going to see the show, I just hate to introduce them to a watered down version of it. Hopefully they will be curious to see what the real deal is all about. And also you know I like going out to breakfast and wearing jeans and a T-shirt and I don't want to be followed by anybody. I don't want to invite any of that kind of stuff into my life.


They should offer alternate scenes for possible syndication… what you guys are doing about that?


Jennifer Carpenter: We have been covering ourselves in ADR for all the cuss words and things like that. I'm not sure how they would edit it, but you know, TV is pretty what's the word, risky. Yeah, all of those! [laughs]


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