Hot Fuzz Interviews - Edgar Wright and Nick Frost

Hot Fuzz Interviews - Edgar Wright and Nick Frost
Interviews with the Hot Fuzz cast and creators for the release of the DVD.
Updated: 05-20-2009

It may seem like Hot Fuzz was just out in theaters yesterday, but time flies. It's been a little while since the almost-universally-praised crime-comedy-action-thriller hit the big screen, and you know what that means in today's fast paced world - it's DVD time! To celebrate the release of the DVD, Staci Wilson sat down with two of the Fuzz-sters themselves, Edgar Wright and Nick Frost. Here's what they told Staci about Hot Fuzz - The DVD:


Hot Fuzz Interviews

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meh, I've seen better parchments.
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I think the Magna Carta wasn't bad.
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Hot fuzz, englands greatest achievment (after Liz Hurley. Meow!)
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