Stephen King Sells Cult Miniseries to BBC

Stephen King Sells Cult Miniseries to BBC
TV miniseries called a cross between "ER" and "The Shining".
Updated: 10-14-2003

The BBC has bought the UK rights to Stephen King's "Kingdom Hospital", a supernatural miniseries based on Lars Von Trier's "The Kingdom". The 15-hour tale is set in a hospital that's built on the ruins of a burned-down medical institution and a mill. The ghosts of those who died, presumably, haunt the modern-day doctors and patients.

Andrew McCarthy ("Pretty in Pink", "Mannequin", too many 80s movies to mention) stars as a surgeon living in the hospital's basement. Diane Ladd ("Citizen Ruth") plays a psychic hypochondriac patient. Ed Begley Jr. ("Transylvania 6-5000") and Bruce Davison ("X2") also star.

ABC will launch "Kingdom Hospital" in the States next February, while the BBC will air the miniseries later in 2004.

Source: The Guardian

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