Sid Haig Not Posting on IMDb

Sid Haig Not Posting on IMDb
Updated: 12-17-2006

***For Immediate Release***
This release is to serve as a warning to all internet media and entertainment industry people.  Currently, there are two users on who are impersonating Sid Haig, and his Publicist Susan Oberg.  They regularly get banned and come back with new accounts, but this time they are going all-out pretending to be us and flooding the message forums. 

Please let it be known that these two are IMPOSTERS, and are not to be mistaken for Sid Haig or Susan Oberg.  They have been reported multiple times, and have not been permanently disabled from re-registering, which they immediately do after a banning to start their mischief all over again.

Sid and Susan have been battling this probelm since July, when a user calling himself "Bluefalcon74" began libelling Sid on IMDB.  IMDB even went so far as to ignore a subpoena sent to them by Haig's attorneys to get this user off IMDB, and then proceeded ban Sid's account, as well as Susan's, for continuing to voice their displeasure at the fact that they were being maligned daily by two rather strange people with rather strange ideas of "fun". 

We have no idea what their goal could possibly be, other than to malign a good name and get some twisted pleasure out of it, but we would like to get the word out that these two users, and ANYONE calling themselves any variation upon "Sid Haig", "Susan Oberg", or "Sashvamp" are IMPOSTERS and not to be listened to.  Sid and Susan currently have no IMDB presence and will not again.

(Sid Haig & Susan Oberg)

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