Horror Director Charged With Murder

Horror Director Charged With Murder
Suspect allegedly went from making low budget horror movies to real life strangling and stabbing.
Updated: 10-11-2003

The writer/director of an independent horror movie has been charged with a brutal murder in Pennsylvania. Blaine Norris, 25 years old, had been working on his first feature film, "Through Hike: A Ghost Story", until he was arrested and charged by police. According to authorities, Norris stabbed and strangled a friend's wife to death in January of this year after being promised payment for killing her.

The friend, Brian T. Trimble, 28, who allegedly hired Norris to kill his wife Randi, also worked on the script for the horror movie and wanted to help fund it as well. The indie movie-making venture caused friction between the Trimbles, he admitted on the stand. By last fall, he and Randi "were having marital difficulties," he testified. She had become upset with him when he wanted to loan money to Norris to buy video equipment for his horror movie.

According to testimony by Trimble, Norris first jokingly suggested he could murder the wife to get rid of his friend's problems. Later, Trimble decided that he really did want his wife dead and he came to Norris about the original offer. Norris allegedly agreed to murder her for $20,000 plus expenses. Norris had been paid only about $750 before the scheme was uncovered by police.

In the weeks after the murder, Trimble testified he spent somewhere between $17,000 to $24,000 from the couple's joint checking account on a television, entertainment system, movies, an X-Box, video games, and furniture. He was the beneficiary of a $100,000+ life insurance policy on his wife at the time of her murder.

Investigators are also trying to determine whether "Hit Man On-Line," an Internet-based manual on how to kill someone, was used in planning for the crime. Court records indicate Trimble sent Norris a link to that website eight days before the slaying.

According to the website for Norris' movie, "Through Hike: A Ghost Story", the plot revolves around a group of backpackers who hike through an abandoned coal mining town, inadvertently releasing the spirit of a murderer who has been trapped for 150 years. Norris lists George A. Romero, Sam Raimi, and John Carpenter as his inspiration because, in his words, "These guys really forged a place in horror history. They had very small budgets, but created horror masterpieces that have stood the test of time. Who hasn't seen Halloween, The Evil Dead, or Night of the Living Dead?"

The release date and production status of "Through Hike: A Ghost Story" are unknown.

Randi Trimble died after being stabbed 27 times and strangled with a Christmas decoration electrical cord.

Norris is scheduled for a formal arraignment Nov. 25.

Norris has pleaded innocent to first-degree murder and other charges.

The District Attorney said he expects to seek the death penalty.

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Note - I am not saying this is a hoax
there's just something really... nagging at me about it.. can't really put my finger on it.
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this is totally setting off all of my BS filters
I don't know exactly why. This all feels like a big hoax. The people being interviewed on the dateline NBC story seem, a little too happy and giggly to be talking about a murderer.
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i had this guy as an instructor for a half a year
This guy was an instructor of mine at Lancaster County Votech for like 5 months. its some shit. he always was a weird guy.
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