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Who's seen "NightBreed"?

i again just rented another horror movie which i have yet to see. of course, its sad because this is one of the last horror movies that i havent seen in my video.:( ill have to go somewhere else. but anyway, what is your opinion of night breed?
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a classic example of how a film can be ruined by studio execs and marketing people.
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Originally posted by zwoti
a classic example of how a film can be ruined by studio execs and marketing people.
lol so true
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ah yeah..this movie stinks(having read cabal.i silently wept whilh'st watching this shite),but don't take my word for it.
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I saw it in the video store today and i was thinking of renting it......
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It is intersting, and has some cool points, but it basically goes no where. I havent read the book, but it HAS tobe better....
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pretty lame
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i love clive barkers works, the book cabal witch this movie is based on was exelent...been trying to find the movie with no luck though...
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