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Evolving Horror Movie Collection

Hello Horror Aficionados.

I collected DVD's over a decade ago but moving out of a smaller condo in the next year or so therefore have gone digital. I picked Vudu as they allow you to custom sort your Vudu movies into lists (MoviesAnywhere just created a list organizing feature too).

Vudu this year combined with FandangoNow after Fandango bought Vudu from Walmart in 2020. I buy at Vudu over other TVOD websites since there's a customer service number I can call if any movies get deleted unlike the other TVOD sites (others being Google Play or Youtube Digital Movie store, Itunes, Microsoft Digital Movie Store, Amazon Prime, Xfinity Cable Company Movie Store, Verizon Fios Movie Store, DirectTV movie Store).

Here is how I organized my Vudu Collection:

Edit: Image Below Showed Up granier than Like so here are my Categories so far that I might refine upon later:
1) Classics (1969 and earlier)

2) Fun Or Documentary (I will separate documentary when get more of these; Fun is any kids movie or any genre comedy like horror comedy or action comedy or scifi comedy)

3) Comedy

4) Romance/Personal Drama/Lifestyle

5) Intrigue/Cultural Drama/Disaster Drama

6) Thriller/Dramatic Action or Suspense

7) Mystery/Psychological

8) Horror

9) Sci-Fi or Fantasy

10) Genre Action or Battle Centered War Movie (Superhero or Action Hero movie)

Filter A) All movies from above 10 categories that while appear on Vudu are also Linked to MoviesAnywhere

Filter B) All movies from above 10 categories that only appear on Vudu (Only 200 movies per window so why had make 2 windows for Filter A in Image below)

186 (MoviesAnywhere Movies count displayed on Window for Filter A)+212 (Vudu movies under Filter B windows)=398 Digital Movies I currently Own
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Overall, my horror movies I separated out putting some in Category 6 (thriller, dramatic, action Suspense), some under category 7 (Mystery/Psychological), some under category 8 (horror), and some under category 9 (Fantasy/Sci), with few under category 10 (genre action).

Who says horror is limited to 1 genre and can't overlap? I think it's obvious so many horror films overlap genres so wanted to share how I organized my digital movie collection...

That being said, digital movies carry some risk if not download of losing but a customer service number and record of purchase goes a long way towards being able to track what lost.

One thing I really like as well is if click on a list window can make them appear by purchase date so can write down your list of purchases on a word document for tracking purposes (I open word document and input new purchases into a list organized by release date for easier tracking purposes too).

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Right now, I just get a Blu-Ray or DVD if movie can't be purchased on Vudu or I really like the packaging or special features of the Blu-Ray or DVD (For example Missing Peices Twin Peaks Blu-Ray I purchased).
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Below is Copy/Pasted from a Word Document I use to Keep Track of all the Movies I currently own on Vudu based on how I organize with the "My List" feature (I can also go into "My Movies" though and simply filter by genre or other parameters to let Vudu separate through them as alternative too).

Each of the lists copied/pasted below is sorted by release date and categorizations made by personal preference (I could be wrong in some cases as I haven't watched more than 60% of these):

The Ring, Freaks, King Kong, It's a Wonderful Life, Miracle on 34th St, Champion, Sunset Blvd, Harvey, Born Yesterday, As Young As You Feel, Roman Holiday, From Here to Eternity, War of the Worlds, Drive a Crooked Road, Creature from the Black Lagoon, Sabrina, The Caine Mutiny, On the Waterfront, Barefoot Contessa, Oklahoma!, Marty, Animal Farm, Funny Face, The Bridge of the River Kwai, Touch of Evil, Breakfast at Tiffany's, West Side Story, To kill a Mokingbird, The birds, a fistful of dollars, for a few dollars more, guess who's coming to dinner, the good the bad the ugly, 2001 a space odyssey, rosemary's baby

Fun or Documentary=24
The Hobbit, Lord of the Rings, The Secret of Nimh, Plague Dogs, A Neverending Story, Flight of the Dragons, The Goonies, Journey of Natty Gann, All Dogs go to Heaven, Turles 1, Dick Tracy, Turtles 2, Turtles 3, A Nightmare Before Christmas, Scooby Doo 1, Scooby Doo 2, Grizzly Man, Turtles CGI Movie, Where the Wild Things Are, Bombay Beach, Collosal, Between Land and Sea, Oyster Farmers, the loneliest whale

Airplane!, Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid, The Legend of Billy Jean, 3 O Clock High, Biloxi Blues, Mystic Pizza, Pretty Woman, it can happen to you, Clueless, Mallrats, Emma, My Best Freinds Wedding, the Wedding Singer, the Big Labowski, pleasantville, election, drive me crazy, being john malkovich, a guy thing, saved!, In good company, she's the man, 17 again, 35 and ticking, pitch perfect, in a world, life of crime, pitch perfect 2, lala land, pitch perfect 3, dear dictator, the grounds

Romance/Personal Drama/Lifestyle=58
Love Story, Days of Heaven, Valley Girl, Some Kind of Wonderful, wildflower, The man on the moon, sleepless in seattle, american president, romeo and juliet, she's all that, 10 things I hate about you, return to me, secretary, under the tuscan sun, spring summer fall winter and spring, price and prejudice, once, becoming jane, into the wild, revolutionary road, cake eaters, the private lives of pippa lee, never let me go, like crazy, the way, lucky one, rust and bone, the makeover, remember sunday, the spectacular now, bang bang baby, if i stay, my old lady, laggies, wild, still alice, away and back, noble, brooklyn, like cotton twines, breathe, the bachelors, i can only imagine, a star is born, if beal street could talk, the souvenir, beyond the blackboard, the farewell, wish man, mickey and the bear, go back to china, international falls, working man, house of hummingbird, i met a girl, blackbird, the road to mandalay, hector

Intrigue/Cultural Drama/Disaster=65
The Poseidon Adventure, The coal miner's daughter, the elephant man, chariots of fire, personal best, francis, King of Comedy, Star 80, good morning vietnam, field of dreams, crying game, a few good men, what's love got to do with it, dangerous minds, the english patient, rounders, girl interrupted, erin brokovich, perfect storm, oceans 11, monster's ball, chicago, catch me if you can, against the ropes, ray, walk the line, the devil wears prada, there will be blood, W., the wrestler, the fighter, the social network, the lincoln lawyer, water for elephants, margin call, a dangerous method, marylyn, les miserables, zero dark thirty, mud, dallas buyers club, gravity, get on up, a most violent year, straight outta compton, z for zachariah, the martian, the big short, the founder, gold, chuck, A GHOST STORY, battle of the sexes, goodbye christopher robin, professor martson and the wonder woman, darkest hour, first reformed, oceans 8, what still remains, first man, vice, lying and stealing, judy, the nomads, goldie

Thriller/Dramatic Action or suspense=51
Chinatown, Jaws, The Duelists, Midnight Express, The deer hunter, nighthawks, the untouchables, full metal jacket, hidden agenda, silence of the lambs, cape fear, last of the mohicans, gettysburg, tombstone, interview with a vampire, the quick and the dead, heat, l.a. confidential, devil’s advocate, wildthings, fight club, gangs of new york, gang’s of new york, black water, no country for old men, zodiac, american gangster, Rogue, hurt locker, public enemies, shutter island, i saw the devil, the grey, deadfall, on the job, black coal thin ice, joe, the guest, gone girl, 71, assassination, the shallows, free fire, 47 meters down, last rampage, the 12th man, crawl, 47 meters down uncaged, infidel, the informed, killer among us, painkiller

Don't look now, the wicker man, changeling, lost highway, what lies beneath, the others, mulholland drive, the lost, the perfect host, the eclipse, sacrament, coherence, they look like people, badlands of kain, the invitation, the good neighbor, nocturnal animals, before i fall, personal shopper, unsane, burning, the death of dick long, joker, dark waters, knives and skin, clifton hill, vivarium

let's scare jessica to death, Carrie, the amityville horror, salems lot, The Shining, The Thing, prince of darkness, dracula, sleepy hollow, session 9, the ring, unrest, dead silence, rec, rec 2, lake mungo, the ghost, innkeepers, the last will and testament of rosalind leigh, find me, autopsy of jane doe, the blackcoats daughter, i trapped the devil, the witch in the window, the noonday witch, satans slaves, sator, host

Scifi and Fantasy=42
silent running, close encounters of the 3rd kind directors cut, Invasion of the Body Snatchers, alien, tron, blade runner final cut, 1984, Alien 3, Jurassic Park, Contact, Event Horizon, Dark City, A.I., alien vs predator unrated, King Kong, The Host, Cloverfield, Moon, Monsters, Tron, Super 8, Another Earth, Godzilla, interstellar, Embers, Ex Machina, 10 cloverfield lane, we've forgotten more than we ever knew, Shin Godzilla, arrival, kong, life, annihilation, endless, imitation girl, prospect, starfish, fast color, Aniara, godzilla King of the monsters, sputnik, the green knight

Genre Action/Battle Centered War Movie=49
conan, the terminator, Robocop, Batman, Robin Hood: Prince of Theives, Rocketeer, Terminator 2, Demolition Man, The 5th Element, Con Air, Starship Troopers, matrix, Shiri, Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocense, crouching tiger hidden dragon, battle royale, matrix 2, animatrix, terminator 3, matrix 3, dawn of the dead, kingdom of heaven, 30 days of night, doomsday, red cliff, chocolate, watchmen, Ghost in the Shell 2.0, raging phoenix, war of the arrows, immortals, dredd, the purge, robocop, purge anarchy, assassin, BvS, Purge Election, train to busan, Ghost in the Shell (Live Action), Villlainess, The domestics, first purge, assassination nation, the great battle, shadow, valentine, samarai, the prey

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My Current To-Get List Sure to be Ever Expanding:

1-Classics To Get:
Scrooge (1950's version), the ballad of narayama (1958), Little Shop of Horrors (original)

2-Fun or Documentary To Get:
wizards, ROTK (cartoon 1980), ET, Will Vinton California Raisins Collection (Most assuredly going to be needing multiple dvd's/blu-rays as commercials want as well), other Will Vinton specials, Ghostbusters 1-3, lion king, toy story 1, little shop of horrors remake, beetlejuice, adam's family 2 movies

6-Thriller/Dramatic Action or suspense to Get:
Trigger Effect

7-Mystery/Psychological To Get:
manhunter, white of the eye, the vanishing (1988), the loft (2008 belgian version), The conspiracy, calibre, creep 1+2

8-Horror To Get:
Don't be afraid of the dark (original), burnt offerings (1976), susperia, alice sweet alice, nosferatu the vampyre, the fog (1980), the burning (1981), Ringu Package (Ringu 1, Spiral, Ringu 2, Ringu 0 Birthday), Juon Package of Most Movies (Katasami and 44444 shorts+the curse 1+2 in 2000, juon the grudge 1+2, juon white ghost/black ghost), The Eye (Asian versions 1+2), catacombs, loft (2005 asian movie with mummy), the descent (director's cut 2005), Julia's Eye's (2011), absentia (2011), entrance , simon killer, thale, come back to me (2014), the devils doorway

9-SciFi/Fantasy To Get:
solaris1972, stalker 1979, thale (2012), Resolution, Beowulf, Missions French TV series seasons 1-3 (20 minute live action episodes with continuous storyline amount to a single movie so reason putting TV show here)

10-genre action to get:
lady snowblood movies, batman returns, point break, beowulf, man of steel, atomic blonde, Justice League Snyder Cut

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Little Boo
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Thumbs up

thanks for your movie Collection
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Thumbs up

Yeah, I posted it cause I actually discovered how to organize movies for once playing around with the "List" feature. Being able to filter what I have by release then is even better.

Once I get out of my condo, I can have more room to put my old DVD collection with few Blu-Rays that I only get for the Special Features or collectable aspects at the moment.

One thing I found very interesting is that a lot of movies I thought of only as horror I found myself separating into overlapping genres like Action/Suspense Thriller (for example Jaws or Black Water or Purge), Mystery/Supense (for example "don't look now" or "they look like people"), Scifi/Fantasy (for example Alien), or Genre Action (like Doomsday).

Modern horror I think often overlaps and that's why a lot of times people I think are dissapointed when horror fans try to find new horror movies besides bad remakes.
My movie Collection:

My IMDB Lists:
Asian Horror Have or Wish To Have: https://www.imdb.com/list/ls553296292/

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