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Paranormal Activity 4

With nearly $600 million in combined ticket sales for the first three entries, Paramount's announcement that they're ordering up another installment in the ultra-lucrative "Paranormal Activity" horror franchise (with absolutely zero details, of course) isn't exactly a surprise. Much like the "Saw" series last decade, the "Paranormal Activity" films have become a cinematic tradition in the weeks leading up to Halloween, and quite frankly it's difficult to see an end to that cycle considering that the most expensive film yet in the series, last year's "Paranormal Activity 3", cost only $5 million and took in nearly $203 million worldwide - a record amount for the franchise.

STYD has received a press release from the studio announcing their upcoming slate for 2012 and included in that release is word of yet another Paranormal Activity movie. The release itself announced that Paramount won 2011 with the highest total worldwide box office sales, bringing in $5.17 billion in the last 12 months.

The press release states:

In 2012, Paramount’s release slate highlights include “World War Z,” a zombie thriller starring Brad Pitt and directed by Marc Forster, “G.I. Joe: Retaliation,” the next installment in the global franchise starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Channing Tatum, a new chapter in the “Paranormal Activity” franchise, and “The Dictator,” starring Sacha Baron Cohen and directed by Larry Charles, the team behind “Borat.”
The first three "Paranormal Activity" features have combined for $581 million in worldwide grosses. The first pic opened in limited release in late September, 2009 while the next two have gone into wide release during the October weekend before Halloween.

The original, written and directed by Oren Peli, carried a production cost of only $15,000 and used the "found footage" technique. It centered on a young couple haunted by a supernatural presence. The two follow-up films were prequels to the original.

Where does the franchise go from here? Maybe a straight up sequel, following a new family, or even possibly (but not likely) abandoning the found footage format?

Sources - Cinemablend, Horrorbid, ShockTillYouDrop, Variety
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these films are starting to piss me off but i gotta finish the story
theres no going back now lol...
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Yeah I'm kind of tired of these films now, what's new?
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None of them were in the slightest bit interesting. Won't be watching part 4

Originally Posted by X¤MurderDoll¤X View Post
oh posher, I love you.

well as much as a girl can love a squirrely little girly man I suppose.

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Originally Posted by Nini_luv5 View Post
these films are starting to piss me off but i gotta finish the story
theres no going back now lol...
same here lol
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I never seen the first one

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I really don't like these movies. I thought I was going to like the last one... but with the ending with the mom and the girls ugh. I'll still probably end up watching it though... I always do.
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I'll play devil's advocate, and say I'm actually looking forward to it. I'll admit that I didn't enjoy Paranormal Activity II, but I would still rather sit down and watch one of the PA films than any of the SAW sequels (mind you, I said sequels, since I quite enjoyed the first SAW film). When PA:3 was released, I was sure it was going to be horrible -- and although the ending was bad, the rest of the film was pretty damn tense. I like the creativity of them, and the pacing: they establish a formula; an expectation, and yet still manage to find an inventive way to present the material (in PA:3, they introduced the oscillating camera, which I thought was employed really effectively).

I don't know what all they have planned for the next film, but they were smart to leave enough questions unanswered, thus making room for another sequel. And while I'm not expecting it to be groundbreaking, I'm certain it will at the very least be entertaining, which is why I'm looking forward to it. :)
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I saw the first one, and it wasn't bad, nice to see something spooky instead of "torture porn". The others passed me by, though. I have The Asylum's Paranormal Entity on my shelf, but I haven't got around to it yet...
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Originally Posted by curtinparloe View Post
I saw the first one, and it wasn't bad, nice to see something spooky instead of "torture porn". The others passed me by, though. I have The Asylum's Paranormal Entity on my shelf, but I haven't got around to it yet...
I wouldn't bother Grave Encounters is much better.
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