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Post Review of "Van Helsing" (2004)

"Van Helsing" - (2004) - Director: Stephen Sommers - Starring: Hugh Jackman, Kate Beckinsale, Richard Roxburgh, Kevin J. O'Connor, and others. [details]
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I totally agreed with the review! Just had to say that! I've read quite a few reviews of this film and most seem to hate it, but I really do think some critics are missing the point. Stephen Sommers makes big dumb monster movies, sure, but he's fully aware of this, and takes every opportunity to camp them up, or deadpan them down, and generally have as much fun with them as possible, rather than take it all that seriously. Most of his recent films (such as "Deep Rising" and the two Mummy movies) have been in that sort of tongue-in-cheek vein, and frankly I've enjoyed myself in every one. Think of them as Hollywood B-movies.
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hey i don't wanna sound like every other person who's ever reviewed this movie but it really did suck. I haven't read any of the other reviews on the net so if i'm repeating what has already been said then sorry... The truth behind Van Helsing is it has a few critical flaws. 1: The storyline is absolute crap; it feels to much like it follows the formula, ooh we've been at this location for too long, time to go somewhere else, wait all this fighting is looking a bit samey lets throw in a weird ball sequence, it's been 15 minutes of action we need a scene devoted to adding to the characters relationships. It all felt forced, nothing seemed to happened because that's what Van Helsing would do or because they needed to do that next. A final comment on the storyline is a simple question i ask; What the hell happened with the ending?!? Did poor ol Steve get on set and think "Darn i haven't got an ending what am i gonna do....THAT'S IT! I'll use Return of the Jedi's ending" (it's the same down to her ghost). Why oh why couldn't they have made it simple Helsing must kill dracula, he succeeds or fails, add water. It would have given them more time to play around with the characters and would have made it a much more watchable film. Instead what we are left with is a bunch of characters that could be interchanged with any other bunch of rag tag heroes in a stupid set of circumstances which know one cares about.

just my thoughts

and please do not mention the lacklustre attempts at buddy humour.
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thank uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
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