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What the shit?!?

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Awake - Episode 6 (The one just before the latest).
I think this show has really found it's groove over the last couple of episodes and while it started strong it faltered for an episode or two...but now, there's some really interesting things going on, and things are starting to collide a bit.
I enjoy watching it, can't wait to see how it turns out.

Also watched the first 2 episodes of "Ultimate Spider-Man".
It IS very kid friendly, but the Ultimate universe has always been a great modern day spin on the Marvel universe, and is more or less what the last few movies have been working with anyways - so I will watch in the hopes it's not yet another spider-man show that gets canned before it's time (Spectacular, the cool digital MTV one).
It's a fun show, I like it enough to grab a few more episodes.

Also watched the first "Alcatraz" episode...not bad...though from what I've read it's unlikely to get a season 2 and ended with something of a cliffhanger.
Kind've makes me want to wait it out until I bother watching any more.
Does anyone have any more info on a potential season 2 or cancellation?
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Watched the pilot episode of Derek, a few nights back. A new comedy/ drama from Ricky Gervais about a guy with learning difficulties who works in a rest home. Thought it was quality. I'd say its more drama than comedy but its well worth a watch if you enjoy Gervais' style. I'd say this is closer to The Office than anything he has done since.... not a cheesy celebrity apperance in sight. :cool:
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The Big Bang Theory :cool:
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the dead walking great series !!
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I'm watching a few shows at the moment:

Endgame: A reimagining of sorts of Nero Wolfe. Very very good.

Breakout Kings: Convicts helping Marshalls catch escaped prisoners. Pretty good. Funny with lots of action.

Relic Hunter: Tia Carrere as a female!Indiana Jones. A good series even if some of the action scenes are bad.

Masters Of Horror: Nuff' said! It's awesome!!!
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What the shit?!?

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This one kind've felt like a filler episode...like it was watchable and an alright story but the overall storyline didn't progress much.
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