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Cabin In the Woods!

I wrote up a review of Cabin in the Woods! We also do webreviews so if you want to see more... We debate this film to the DEATH!


I try to avoid knowing anything about a movie before I see it. This was an extremely beneficial strategy considering The Cabin In The Woods. Iím wary about saying too much. I think the most I can say is that this film is a horror comedy that basically serves to criticize the state of horror film today. Our filmmakers, Drew Goddard and Joss Whedon, estrange the concept of idiotic sex starved teenage characters isolated in the woods to make a point that this is not how horror films should be made. The script has fantastic set-up full of extended suspense and absurdity, and we find our cabin residents (our 5 young-unís) very likeable by the time the horror begins. They are smart and witty and they also just happen to be very good looking. Without giving away too much, when it comes down to it, this film is absolutely Fun and should be a guaranteed good time for fans of the Whedonverse. SEE IT

What did you THINK?!
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Just saw the movie The Cabin in the Woods this weekend and I personally really liked it! It seemed liked a combination of a variety of different films including horror, action, sci-fi and comedy. I really liked the character development and how it is always keeping you on the edge of your seat! I definately agree with alot of the critics that this film will surprise you... I highly recommend seeing it!
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Two thumbs down.
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I really loved it. I'm glad I knew virtually nothing about it, so it was fun being surprised.
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Thumbs up

I just came back from seeing this movie and I thought it was superb!
Other than being over-casted. I just think that everyone should have been B-actors that people rarely see or have never seen before, For instance Chris Hemsworth and Sigourney Weaver.

Other than that I thought it had an originally refreshing premise and overall plot :)
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Excellent film - great play on traditional horror stereotypes.
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I was expecting something a little more original for an ending, but all in all a better than average movie.
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I absolutely loved it, but considering I'm a fan of Joss Whedon (Firefly and Dollhouse in particular) it's no surprise.

I even convinced my horror-neutral fiance to see it and she loved it. It's not something you can go into with any expectations. I saw it opening day in the afternoon so I was able to check it out before anyone ruined it for me (I know dumb people who inadvertently ruin stuff all the time)
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Agreed. It's a big plus not knowing a thing about this movie before seeing it, coz.... you don't see that ending coming. :D

Well, except for Dicklaurentisdead. He's obviously seen that ending many times before.. :rolleyes:

Funny. To me the ending was the strongest and most original part of the movie. The middle part, on the other hand, i had a problem with, coz I didn't findt THAT to be very original although it certainly wasn't boring at any time.

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i loved it but had 2 thoughts: (spoilers ahead)

1) what if it had been more serious & less done for laughs (i really thought it was funny - laughed hysterically at speaker phone scene) what if the premise were more serious & dark?

2) i really want a sequel! impossible you say - no way. thousand years of serving up victims to these things surely some military type started figuring out how to kill them! it would be ALIENS meets Chthulu!!
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cabin in the woods, just seen it

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