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Super Dark Times (2017) Discussion - the ending?

Super Dark Times (2017) Discussion

This may contain SPOILERS!

Paramedic Insanity -- My Peeve: Beware the Paramedic/EMT at the end of the film!!!!!

This really threw me out the window.... At the end of the film we see a Paramedic/EMT 'treating' Zach... an hour or more after he'd been tore-up. We see the medic asks someone for a scissors and snips something by Zack's thigh I wonder what that could have been snipped? Loose part of a band-aid? Or did the medic sow up his sword lacerations in the field? Kevin Phillips (director)... I know you liked the shot of Zack looking at Josh in the squad car and then fading into black... but this is Paramedic insanity right at the end of an otherwise realistic film.

Zack got deeply slashed with a sword on his back, his back shoulder, his inner fore arm (and maybe the top of his head) and then got skewered all the way through his thigh (which had a good chance of hitting an artery). Zack has sustained numerous life threatening wounds. He would have been rushed to the hospital, not sat up on the back of the ambulance for hours for some bandages. Never in a million years. Completely insane.

Why? Was this supposed to be when the film went surreal? Or does the writers/director think the vast portion of the audience would think this was normal?

Ending Allison Sequence -- What, Why, Huh?

After the ending scene of Zack and Josh, the we get these scenes of Allison, Zack' girlfriend, a very minor character in the film.

First shot we see Allison (was it on a swing was it?), and then a shot of a dove flying away. The dove/bird flying away usually signifies this character is now free. Sure, Allison was tied up by a rope at the end, but other than that she was quite a free character indeed. What was she being freed from? Or otherwise, what did the bird indicate?

Then we see Allison in a classroom letting down her hair in a fairly sensual way, and a boy classmate behind her is intrigued. What is the point of this scene? She was mildly forward with Zack, but in the film's story this has nothing to do with the plot. I don't get it. At all. Anyone have any thoughts?

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