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The 5th movie is coming out in January 14 2022

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I am really excited for this installment. I really hope it is made and written to catch us all off guard. I believe a good story would be it is all Sid and she is losing touch with reality due to all the trauma and doesn't believe she did it. It would be amazing. I am excited to see how it all plays out though! What do you think?
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I'm definately checking this out when it gets released. I've always loved all the Scream movies. The Trailer looks awesome. I think this will definately be a big surprise by the way the trailer looked.
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It will probably be craptastic. They can't even release it at a proper time of year relegating to January dumping ground for a well known franchise from the '90's. This has SVOD service $$$ reasoning for reboot written all over it.
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Cant wait for it. One of my favorite series
im awesome
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What an odd name for a fifth film.
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Ma'am, I wanna buy the latest entry in this series?

Ah. OK. 1 or 5, sir? The dumbass producers have confused customers by giving them the same name, for whatever reason.
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