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Marvel TV Universe

So it seems Iron Fist is hardly a hit, and I must say I'm not surprised. Yet to watch it and, though I endeavour not to judge books by their covers, it hardly gripped me. The ill-advised casting (would it have been so much to have an Asian/half-Asian American in the lead role) aside, it just looks...dreary.

I do adore Finn Jones and was lucky enough to serve him a few times back in 2014 when he lived near me in London, but goodness, couldn't they have tried to make it seem at least a little enjoyable for either the characters OR viewers?

That being said, I've watched Season 1 of Daredevil and Jessica Jones - both of them are utterly wonderful. The latter, in particular, had me totally hooked from the very start. I find the construction of the MCU ever more fascinating, particularly this off-shoot into Adult Web-TV (in fact, it made up a significant portion of my dissertation). Desperately need to finish DD and catch up with Luke Cage...just a shame I feel I need to endure IF...but I suppose that is the genius of this model of series building.

Wondering about the rest of your thoughts regarding the MCU's TV branch. Successes, missteps, missed opportunities and potential thrills.

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IMO thus far Iron Fist is more watchable than Luke Cage was.
Nothing comes close to daredevil - Jessica Jones crosses the line only for having the best villain thus far out of all the shows.

I hope to see more good things.
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