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Mondays are monstrous. So have some monsters!

Sorry for genitalssssss. If offended or not allowed please politely let me know. I couldn't find rules saying there was anything against posting artistic-ish nudes. And I've seen some other suggestive pics posted so I didn't think there would be a problem with posting a terrible pencil sketch.

Island of Dr. Moreau fan character, "Mr. Fins" - tiger fish / human beast people
- Can't close his mouth completely cause those fucking teeth
- Deaf; hears via vibrations
- Very hairy because of reasons
- Long needle-y claws
- Eats fish and any raw meat
- Fingers and toes are long and flat
- Four toes
- Hands and feet are webbed and sewn on
- Oh and he also sucks at swimming. His brain is still wired to swim as if he had fins and since he doesn't he just kinda flails awkwardly in the water.
- Can't breathe underwater either. He's almost always drowning cause he thinks he can.


this one is because i was watching a Goosebumps episode about worms
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