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  1. Freddy vs. Jason Success May Lead To More Horror Pairings
  2. Freddy vs. Jason still at top of box office
  3. Actor Charles Bronson Dead at 81
  4. Review of Naked Blood (1995) DVD
  5. 'Jeepers Creepers 2' Tops Box Office
  6. Australia's Neglected Genre
  7. Toronto Film Festival Showcases Horror During 'Midnight Madness'
  8. New Bertolucci Film To Be Censored In America
  9. Jason Tops Freddy in New Line Prop Auction
  10. Another "The Fly" Remake In The Works
  11. 'Man-Thing' Coming To The Big Screen
  12. 'Ringu' Director Pondering First U.S. Film
  13. Amityville Legend Coming Back To The Big Screen
  14. Production of Craven's "Cursed" May Be Cursed
  15. Neill Marshall's "The Dark" Will See Light
  16. Sony Pictures Sued For Copyright Infringement Over "Underworld"
  17. Aussie Tapped For Villain in Third "Blade"
  18. AMC To Reissue Remastered Horror Classics
  19. Bale To Be Next 'Batman'
  20. A Sneak Peek At "Resident Evil: Apocalypse"
  21. "Cronos" Coming To DVD
  22. Review of May (2003) DVD
  23. "Cabin Fever" Opens In Number Three Spot At U.S. Box Office
  24. 'Dawn of the Dead' Remake Behind-The-Scenes Pics
  25. "Halloween" Remake In The Works?
  26. "Dead Like Me" To Return For Season 2
  27. Monster-Hunter Movie Spawns Series
  28. "Seed of Chucky" Gets The Greenlight
  29. Lions Gate Gets "Tension"
  30. Horror Director Guillermo del Toro Answers Questions From His Fans
  31. HBO's "Carnivāle" Debuts Big
  32. 'Alien' Director's Cut Coming This Halloween
  33. WWE Wrestler Added To Vampire Film
  34. Horror Film Festival Opens In Southern California
  35. Effects Guru Stan Winston Honored At Festival
  36. Pictures From Leprechaun 6 Appear On Web
  37. Review of "The Devil's Backbone" (2001) DVD
  38. "Halloween" Remake A No-Go
  39. "Silent Hill" Set For Big Screen
  40. "Jeepers Creepers" Director To Helm Nazi Horror Pic
  41. Freddy vs. Jason review
  42. Campbell Talks About Fame, Love, and Bubba
  43. Underworld" Sinks Its Teeth Into #1 Spot
  44. Columbia To Produce "Dragonfly" Duo's New Film
  45. "King Kong" May Grab A Hold of Watts
  46. Ford Launches Horror Site Parody, Offends Some
  47. 24-Hour Horror On Your TV By Next Halloween?
  48. You Can Star In "Species 3"!
  49. Sundance Picks Up Palm's "Eye"
  50. Horror on the Big, Big, Big Screen
  51. "Dead Birds" Coming Your Way
  52. Two More "Underworld" Movies In The Works
  53. Parker Posey Sinks Her Teeth Into "Blade: Trinity"
  54. "Gothika" Pushed Back to November
  55. "Collateral" Scribe & Sam Raimi Plan "Scarecrow"
  56. Monica Bellucci Going Evil In New Gilliam Film
  57. "Jeepers Creepers 2", "Underworld" Props Being Auctioned
  58. Two Sue Over "League"
  59. "Warlock" Comes Back to Horror
  60. Siblings "Dismember" Daddy
  61. Sneak Preview Pics of Tim Burton's "Big Fish"
  62. The Latest Scoop on "Riddick"
  63. "Hellraiser" Scribe's Production To Open In L.A.
  64. Marvel Mines Its Archives For Movie Potential
  65. "Alien vs. Predator" vs. Henriksen
  66. "Blade: Trinity" & "Punisher" Pictures Online
  67. Tobe Hooper Set To Drop 4 By '04
  68. The Brood review
  69. Dreamcatcher movie review
  70. Campbell heads into "The Woods."
  71. This Way Coming: "Something Wicked"
  72. Wolverine May Return For X3
  73. French-Canadian Horror First Opens Friday
  74. The Brouhaha Over Stephen King's NBA
  75. Jennifer Connelly To Dive Into "Dark Water"
  76. Jeffrey Combs, Brian Yuzna Laud Lovecraft
  77. Manson Family Gets Cast
  78. Michael Myers vs. Pinhead - Yay or Nay?
  79. The Dirt On A Batch Upcoming DVD Releases!
  80. "City Infernal" by Edward Lee
  81. Review of "Hellraiser: Inferno" (2000) DVD
  82. Review for "House of 1000 Corpses" (2003) (DVD)
  83. Review for "Day of the Dead" (1985) (DVD)
  84. Review for "Blood Cult" (1985) (DVD)
  85. News From "Return to Sleepaway Camp" Set
  86. The Hills will Have Eyes again
  87. Indie Horror Comes To Rural Oregon
  88. Huband To Be "Cubed"
  89. Tarantino Defends "Crimson Tidal Wave Of Blood"
  90. Review of "Brotherhood of the Wolf" (2001) (DVD)
  91. Review of "The Hills Have Eyes" (1977)
  92. "Teen Wolf" To Come Alive on UPN
  93. Tarantino Won't Do Comics
  94. Halloween Horror Hits Theme Parks
  95. Walken, Midler In Oz Zombie-Wife Battle
  96. Eli Roth Catches Takashi Miike Fever
  97. Jonze to Give Us The Creeps
  98. "Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Album" Sneak Preview
  99. Bruce Visits Bubba Ho-Tep Screening in So-Cal
  100. Artist Spencer Davis Interview
  101. Debate Over "Dawn" Poster Finally Settled
  102. Network Picks Up "Demonologist"
  103. NYC Horror Film Fest Announces Lineup
  104. Japanese Comics Imprint Launches Horror Manga
  105. More Fangs & Feds For "Trinity"
  106. Review of "Bubba Ho-Tep" (2003)
  107. "Freddy vs. Jason 2"? Could Be!
  108. Horrormeister Straub Back With New Focus, New Novel
  109. Spot The Signed "Alien" Poster & It's Yours
  110. Screamfest Hits Los Angeles
  111. "Satan's Playground" Needs Cops & Demons
  112. WB Woos "Lost in Space"
  113. Friday the 13th with Savini Commentary?
  114. Review of "Wrong Turn" (2003)
  115. Review of "Cronos: Special Edition 10th Anniversary DVD"
  116. First Annual Halloween Horror Picture Show Comes To Florida
  117. Halloween Shock Festival Hits NYC
  118. "I Saw What You Did" To Be Redone
  119. AMC Announces Monsterfest 2003 Lineup
  120. Naughty Haunted House Condemned
  121. Ferrell Weds Remade Witch
  122. New TCM Movie Clips Online
  123. Horror Director Charged With Murder
  124. Zombie's Grave Predictions On 'House' 2
  125. Media Scanners: "House of the Dead"
  126. Tim Burton Celebrates "Nightmare" 10th Anniversary
  127. "Event Horizon" Head Going Undead
  128. Bloody "Bill" Kills "House"
  129. Cult Indies & Horror Descend On Boston
  130. Konami Hoping To Game Hollywood
  131. Halloween 2003: Back to Basics, and Elvis
  132. Review of "The House of the Dead" (2003)
  133. Pics Online of Keanu As Hellblazer's "Constantine"
  134. "Wrath of Malachi" Set To Suck Blood
  135. "Blair Witch" Church Victim of Vandals, Neglect
  136. "Untitled Black Dahlia Project" Shooting in January
  137. Stephen King Sells Cult Miniseries to BBC
  138. Vintar Pens "Y: The Last Man", "Foundation" Trilogy Scripts
  139. More Among "The Forgotten"
  140. Japanese "Dawn of the Dead" Website Launched
  141. "Demons Under Glass" Top Bloodsucker
  142. Finally, Argento's "Phenomena" On DVD
  143. Krypt Kiddies Interview
  144. VH1's "I Love the 80's STRIKES BACK" with horror homeage!
  145. "Interview with the Vampire" Director to Bring Us "Monster"
  146. "The Talisman" Chooses A Director
  147. A Slew of Horror Comics On The Way
  148. America's Top 10 Haunted Hotels
  149. Linda Blair To Appear at 'Nightmare'
  150. Review of "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" (2003)
  151. Czechs Send "Black Mirror" To U.S.
  152. Colorado Horror Author Takes Top State Prize
  153. Media Scanners: "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre"
  154. High-Definition 'Monsters' Invade Via Satellite
  155. Dawn of The Dead Trailer + Alien Interview
  156. Horror Casting Call: "2001 Maniacs"
  157. "Punisher" Filming Ends
  158. New Pics From "Van Helsing" Set
  159. Horror Movie Bloopers Special on WB
  160. Tom Savini's TerrorMania Brings On The Blood & Guts
  161. Horror.com Exclusive "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" Premiere Coverage
  162. Small Publisher Promotes Local Asian Crime & Horror Writers
  163. "Angel" Adds Spike; Ratings Rise
  164. Lucky Florida Local Nabs "Punisher" Role
  165. Stephen King Postpones Online Writing Class
  166. George Romero To "Lecture" At WSU
  167. "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" Sequel/Prequel?
  168. "Chainsaw" Slashes "Bill"; "House" Dead
  169. Interview with SleepawayCampFilm's John Klyza
  170. Review of "28 Days Later" (2003) DVD
  171. Bay Signed, Lynch Awarded
  172. It's "Hide and Seek" For X-Men Bombshell
  173. Former CBS President Goes Paranormal
  174. "Death4Told" by Fearmakers
  175. "Night of the Living Dead" Play Seeks Zombies
  176. The Scoop On Christian Bale As "The Machinist"
  177. Make Room For "The 9th Passenger"
  178. For Sale: Leatherface's Chainsaw & Teeth, & J.Biel's Tank Top
  179. Review of "The Eye" (2002)
  180. Review of the entire "Child's Play" series
  181. Review of "Scary Movie 3" (2003)
  182. Dimension To Remake "Evil Words"
  183. Beautiful Women Suck In "Succubus"
  184. Lathan To Carry On Ripley's Fight
  185. Bay To Remake "The Amityville Horror"; "Chainsaw" Sequel a No-Go
  186. More News on "Exorcist" Original & Prequel
  187. Exclusive "Scary Movie 3" Premiere
  188. Rob Zombie & Todd McFarlane?
  189. Review of "Alien: The Director's Cut" (2003)
  190. Media Scanners: "Scary Movie 3"
  191. New "Resident Evil: Apocalypse" Set Pics
  192. Review of "Basket Case" (1982) DVD
  193. "Man-Thing" Release Date & Poster Unveiled
  194. Kids Bring Dickens Ghost Story To The Big Screen
  195. Mario Bava, Hammer Films Honored In New Orleans Fest
  196. Craven Speaks Out Against Real-Life Pet Horror
  197. "Scary Movie 3" Breaks Box Office Records
  198. "Heere's Johnny!" Tops Scariest Scenes
  199. Exclusive "Scary Movie 3" Cast Interviews
  200. 2003 Halloween DVD Blitz
  201. New "Alien Vs. Predator" Spoilers
  202. New "Machinist" Pics, Cast News
  203. Spike Brings Sendak's "Wild Things" To Life
  204. Steve Niles Remembers His Roots
  205. "Alien" Crew Reminisce on Film's Impact
  206. Soundtrack For Scares
  207. Resident Evil 4 News
  208. "Van Helsing" Coming To Your Playstation, Xbox
  209. Silver Plans 3-D "Wax"
  210. Review of "The Diary of Ellen Rimbauer" (2003) DVD
  211. Review of "The Eye" (2002) DVD
  212. "Alien vs. Predator" Teaser Trailer Online
  213. "Amityville" Revisited
  214. Japanese Horror Connecting With Cable
  215. Top Scariest PC Games
  216. Horror Roles Haunt Big Stars
  217. "Lost Highway", The Opera?
  218. New Set Pics of Milla in "Resident Evil: Apocalypse"
  219. Halloween Friday Means Horror-ible Box Office
  220. Gentlemen Prefer Sci-Fi; Ladies Prefer Horror
  221. From Hollywood Madam To Space Horror
  222. Vampire-Slayer Kit Goes For $12,000
  223. The Science of Scare
  224. Graveyard Plans "Dog Soldiers" Sequel
  225. 45 Hours of Unseen "Alien"
  226. King Finishes "The Dark Tower"
  227. "The Ring" Sequel In The Works
  228. Dimension Chooses "1408"
  229. World Horror Celebrated in Spain
  230. "Blood Reaper" To Premiere in Hollywood
  231. Stars Sign On To Ride King's "Bullet"
  232. "Scary Movie" Screenwriter Signs On For #4
  233. Malaysian Ban on Local Horror?
  234. "Night of the Living Dead" King of Horror Movies
  235. What Scares Charlie Sheen?
  236. More History in "Underworld 2"
  237. Anti-"Potter" Backlash Grows in Germany
  238. Review of "The Shining" (1980)
  239. Argento's "Door Into Darkness" Coming To DVD
  240. "Matrix" Unit Director Crawls Into "Cave"
  241. A Huge New Gallery of Resident Evil 2 Set Pics
  242. "House of the Dead" Director In The "Dungeon"
  243. "Freddy", "Jason", and "Leatherface" Unite (Sort Of)
  244. Interview with a Zombie
  245. "Devil's Harvest" Pub For Sale
  246. It's "Apocalypse" for Omen Writer
  247. Troma's "Crapper" Tales Hit The UK
  248. "Hellboy" Official Site Updated With New Poster
  249. Paramount to Celebrate Dia de los Muertos
  250. Females Fall For Frights