The ReZort

The ReZort cover

Director: Steve Barker

Genre: Horror

Release Date: October 17, 2016

The ReZort Trailer

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Following a near apocalyptic zombie outbreak, humans now have the upper hand and life has returned to relative normality, with only an occasional reminder or mention of recent horrific events. Most people wouldn’t even blink at seeing a zombie now - they know how to handle them. It’s no big deal because humans fought and won the battle and are in control again. The latest craze in this post-zombie outbreak world is the 'Zombie Safari'. It is the newest and coolest thing in adventure holidays – a chance to go out and shoot the undead in the wild. The ultimate test in action and adventure, the ultimate blood sport and, to many, the ultimate in therapeutic revenge. But unbeknownst to most that go on 'Zafari', the park is a highly controlled and monitored environment: a maze of concealed security cameras, restraints and barriers. The eyes and ears of trained security personnel are on the guests - and the zombies - 24/7, always ensuring a safe shooting distance between the living and the undead. Nothing is left to chance. Nothing is unplanned... so far.

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