The Relic

The Relic cover

Director: Peter Hyams

Genre: Horror

Release Date: April 20, 1999

The Relic Trailer

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Come in—if you dare. The opening-night gala for a new exhibit at Chicago's natural history museum is under way. But be advised: something terrifying wants to make sure no one ever leaves. Penelope Ann Miller, Tom Sizemore, Linda Hunt and James Whitmore star in this effects-packed shocker that gives haunted-house movies a terrific new setting. And the non-human star (brought to head-ripping life by Jurassic Park Oscar winner Stan Winston) is something no creature fan can let slip by. "The creature can hold its own with the Alien," writes Chicago Tribune critic Gene Siskel. "When the last reel begins...the special effect is truly awesome." Let the panic begin.

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