The Odds

The Odds cover

Director: Bob Giordano

Genre: Horror

Release Date: June 4, 2019

The Odds Trailer

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A young woman enterers a warehouse type facility. Another man enters the room and sits at a table opposite her. We learn that she has entered a game, and the man is the facilitator of the game. She is competing against unseen players in distant locations, the winner to receive one million dollars. To win, she must have a high threshold for pain, as she is subjected to a different torture technique each round. The facilitator is in communication with the game leaders through a Bluetooth earpiece. Once three players drop out each round is over. We learn that the final round involves a game of Russian roulette, and once you reach that round there is no backing out. This ultimately leads her to question herself, her motivations, the man across from her, and even the game itself.

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Rental Price: $4.99

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